Via dolorosa - bit by bit


Its not that its too difficult, its that its too much, between linux, blender, phaser, unity and i suppose unreal , and then some slower updating stuff ... not all the people in my head are made for processing and devising algorithms , none of them are built for memorizing syntax

as it says on line 858 of the 1400 long changelog between 3.24 and 3.5

Quad Game Object Removed

The Quad Game Object has been removed from v3.50.0.

You can now create your own Quads easily using the new Geom.Mesh.GenerateGridVerts function, which is far more flexible than the old quads were.
Animation API - New Features, API Changes and Bug Fixes

heh, 7:30 am .. i think i been over every setting on google and now i accidentally forget to unmark one and guess what :

empty scale config object and no camera adjustment ? it scales perfectly without having to alter any numbers to relative

so - if thats gonna be like blender and have to adjust every update - - - ... phew ... so the quad is no quad no more and (makes sense ofc) doesnt have topLeftX and the likes (since its a mesh ...) but i got stuck on scaling and after finding out scale{}, is the right entry i can see light peeking through the curtains

i need to hide before i crisp

learned something - that might last til the next update heh hhe - i guess its handy if you can 1)focus and 2)stick to one or two things - at least php is backward compat but they have SO many aliases i wonder how that affects performance.

Ugh, well i don't i have one in 20 of what im doing tonight and that does not inclue sunvox or that new open engine i found, pixiling or any of your sisters panties since those are unavailable and thats how it is - i delegate to me since theres no one else to trust and a harem unavailable, dont call us, ill call you when i have money so its clear whos the boss , heh

yea ...


't is to say, b/c of that i havent gotten to the "where did my x0 x1 y0 and y1 go on a thing called mesh , not quad - try console.logging an object in a browser and see what you get - not counting the recursive bits sometimes

you'd think its for haxxers

see this is around the standard output i get for a particular page

(my pastebins set to last for six months since i since long understand the internet is a bad source for tek and programming research if you can't filter out the old stuff

after all this very post is about WTF happened while i was blinking and we are 26 versions further in phaser , like i had with blender last time ... and

well, the latest blender wont boot on my machine so thats gonna need upgrading

can has money plz?

and THIS is the version with just one level opened on one object, it goes deeper and deeper and deeper but the tree ofc doesnt show well , i left out all the requests and such since they give away paths to scripts (duh ....)

So, conclusion : if you're not at it BEFORE school then maybe its not your thing. If you wanna because you saw "hackers" or "mister robot" on tv - then by all means please dont, you might end up on anti-depressants - the community (as its called everywhere today) is quite elitist and like all communities expects you to understand

the basics

of what they have done every day for hours for the last 15 to 30 years by now and

a bit like if you wanna join the police b/c it pays well in a safe town where nothing happens and "they're always hiring" or b/c you saw flikken maastricht then

Marksken "commissioner Gordon" Demesmaeker will have to put you on a trial period in either rotterdam , antwerp or preferably Brussels for six months first

to figure out if you're in the corps for the right reasons or not ...

i'm not negative i'm and trying to save you a lot of headaches by finding out after you flunked the job, not because you hit the boss for nagging but b/c i spend all that time on it in school and in the workplace its like

different ?


its not google everywhere and afaik google aint google no more but they have a union now

a strange paradox from soviet belgium pov b/c here EVERYONE has a union, standard - thing is , all of them are linked to what's called "a political pillar"

great sages have been found mummified trying to un-wind the spindle of bureacracy woven since 1830 here

you wouldnt understand if you werent born here - then there's the cultural thing of "i seen nothing, i didnt do it" and
"it cant hurt but what you gonna do about it" viking type fatalism and

well - its a hellhole, its wet, moist cold and the only thing to do , even OUTSIDE pandemics is get drunk

this now for teh lulz : fresh in from #morningbrew

no match for the girl scouts

Good morning. The pandemic has forced uncountable cancellations, but it is no match for the mighty Girl Scout cookie industry. This year, the Girl Scouts is partnering with Grubhub to offer contactless delivery and pickup of their cookies, beginning Feb. 1 in select markets.

(well i dont do referrals, i think its pushy but my marketing harem gf will gladly accomodate you, she only has shame about her body, as for the rest she seems to have none whatsoever -she's perfect .... once she gets back into the harem that is)

there you go :

contacless girlscouts - tough look for your sisters panties

really ?

define blogging .. VLOGging huh ? is that v for vlemish blabbing ? or something else

"i didnt wake up this morning on a surfboard lying on a pile of dollars with two hot chicks face down with their noses on a pile of cocaine after last night i finally put the last hand on my how to trade forex while sleeping algorithm and saving the queen from james bond"

i live in van drukkerland

theres no way out

Lasciate ogni esperanza

voi che entrata

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