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Food obsessed? I know I am. My dad always says that when our family do anything it is structured around food. Eating out, cooking at home, ordering take out and just thinking about the next meal in general. I never really thought about it until he said it but he's absolutely right.

As a family, we have been lucky enough to travel around the world quite a bit. This means lots of new experiences in food that have been amazing. From a Nasi Goreng in Bali to a half rack of ribs in Wisconsin that would have fed 5 people! My travel experiences are enriched by food, in fact, all my experiences are enriched by food.

I love nearly all food. I say nearly all because for one, I've not had the pleasure of trying everything (despite my best efforts) and B, because there are a couple of things that have always made me struggle to eat them. My Kryptonite, as it were. I still eat them by the way, I just wouldn't choose to have them. They are liver, of any type and blackcurrant blancmange, which is gelatin and milk (gross). Jelly is bad enough but milk added! ergh! I've tried other stuff that wasn't your usual dishes too. For instance, pig brain in Cyprus, haggis in Scotland, fried water beetle and grubs in Thailand, horse meat, frogs legs and snails in France, and durian fruit in Malaysia, among others. I'm a trained chef, although I never entered the industry, and I guess that's partly why I try so many different things.

I get what I call 'foodbuzz' with certain foods. It's a feeling of euphoria and well being combined with a need to ingest more! and more! Not all foods do this to me, in fact it's a pretty rare occurrence, but when it kicks in I'm in trouble. So it's those items that I will focus on for my choices.

If your attention has been suitably 'grabbed' then why not enter. The official post is Here

Last month's champion @rentmoney took home over $12 in steem prizes and all he had to do was tell us his three favourite things! Easy as that. We also have a discord where you can ask any questions that you may have. The link is Here - https://discord.gg/ekY7ayP We hope to see you there.

Choice Number 1


Ah, biscuits! The true reason why I never became an elite sportsman! Alright, not really but biscuits are my weakness. For our North American comrades biscuits are cookies. To be more specific there are different types like Bourbons, Custard Creams, McVities Digestives (dark or milk chocolate and plain) and straight up chocolate chip cookies like Foxes or Del Hasse here in the Mega Image shops in Romania. OMG! Once i start eating them I cannot stop. I make Jayne take them away from me just so that the decision is taken out of my hands . To eat a whole packet of biscuits is easy and not even a consideration.

But the real secret is in the dunking! You need a nice cup of strong tea to use as your liquid to soak up through the biscuit. But there is a fine art to it. You can't go willy nilly slamming it in the mug hoping for perfection! Heathens! No no, you have to delicately lower one third of the little round disk of gold into the drinking utensil and leave it there for a second of two, depending on the density of said biscuit. For instance, if you dunk a 'Rich Tea' over a third of the way and for over a second then disaster strikes! You get a catastrophic malfunction of the structure of the biscuit and it 'plops' into your tea never to be seen again, even if you do try to fish it out with two fingers. Good luck drinking that sucker after!

On the subject of Rich Tea biscuits, I used to have a competition with my brother to see how many biscuits we could stack, dunk and devour in one go. I think 12 was the record!!

Food Buzz!

Choice Number 2

Chocolate Milkshakes

From your arty farty '$5 dollar' gourmet shakes to your cheap everyday dirty shakes like McD's, I love em all. The only ones that disappoint and the milky thin non thick shake variety. They just aren't the same. This really is foodbuzz central, where I am unable to stop once I start and I never use a straw. If I have a McD's milkshake I have to force myself to eat my food before I pick up the cup before I neck the lot and feel bloated. My favourite milkshake ever is a chocolate malt from Johnny Rockets. Pure heaven, pure food buzz!

Choice Number 3

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


So let me take you back about 8 years ago. I was on a football pitch in Bahrain, coaching the under 13 boys team. I was trying to do a high tempo session when I noticed one of my lads, Abdullah, popped something into his mouth. I shouted 'Freeze!' and I gathered everyone around.
"Abdullah, why are you eating in my session?"
"I can't help it sir, they're Reese's mini cups!"
"Not in my session!"
"But you need to try it sir." At this point the boys are all chuckling to themselves.
"OK, give one here then!" I unwrapped it, put it in my mouth and my life changed forever. Colours were deeper and brighter, I was smiling uncontrollably, music was playing softly in the background. I think I said "continue" whilst stumbling over to the sidelines to recover.

Food Buzz!

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The peanut butter cups...hah, that's a nice little story, you better call the company and see if they buy your idea for an ad!

And I totally agree on the biscuits part, I still have some in a container I have right above my head on the shelf...and if I start eating there's no end to it! Even without a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to dunk them in they're still addictive. I'm not even sure why, they just feel super satisfying to eat in general...


Lol. That's absolutely how it went down, too! 😁

Biscuits are evil little delights! I can go stretches without touching one and then, bang, packet gone. Having them in a container just sat there is just teasing yourself. How long can you last?

Ahahaha are you sure it was Peanut Butter in those little cup cakes? 😂 you're absolutely right though, biscuits are the best dunkers and I definitely am all over the milk chocolate digestives, the plain ones an easy second.

Love the chocolate milkshakes too, much prefer a richer flavour and thicker texture vs the flimsy liquidy ones

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Nothing worse than a weak, watery milkshake. You're right about the Reese's! Maybe they have got something more in them. They do strange things to me! 😁


Haha LSDeese's more like 😂

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Lmao! 😂

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You are such an Englishman! Tea and biscuits! That was my parents - every afternoon, 7 days a week. Oh, and I am with you and @nickyhavey on digestive biscuits: plain and with chocolate. Which, BTW, in our house were known as "suggestives".... Oh, and I use them as a base for my cheesecake....


Are you "suggesting" we pop round for a cuppa with chocolate dunkable digestives and cheesecake? I think there's a lot of English in you too @fionasfavourites 😁

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Well spotted @nickyhavey given my Mum was English and I was born in Oxford.... :P

And yes, you might just get tea - in a pot and one or other biscuit to dunk. Perhaps a traditional rusk though - you'd and @cheese4ead'd be converts....


Ah I remember you saying you were born in Oxford. That's actually where @cheese4ead and I met in September but we had a roast and soft drinks instead 😁

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Small world... I was born in the Radcliffe. My granny lived on Cowley Road...it's where my parents were staying when I was born and the last house I stayed in before coming to South Africa :D

Actually, I think one of my PHC top 3 posts had a picture of a younger granny outside that house.


I'm in! 😁


Mmm cheesecake! Digi's are the perfect base, great choice.

Lol on the Englishman bit. It's quite funny how I've gradually spotted how 'English' I am whilst traveling. I guess it's what makes me, me! But milk in strong tea is absolutely essential! 🤪


Yes, our heritage does "out" us. On the tea: my mother was a strong tea with milk person. My father, on the other hand, was black tea. As is my maternal aunt, and I. Cannot get my day going without my tea....I am not human.

Awesome choices and the way you introduced them was awesome.

fried water beetle and grubs in Thailand

I have to ask, how did the fried water beetle and grubs taste?


Not particularly nice @rentmoney

Especially the water beetle because it wasn't crispy all the way through like some of the other bugs I tried. It was big (3 inches) and gooey in the middle. I struggled with that one. The grubs were small and essentially tasteless. The locust type bug was crispy and dry and just disappeared quickly. I also tried a tiny little frog that was deep fried, whole. It tasted like pork scratchings. All in all, a bit weird but another box ticked. 😁

Love your enthusiasm Gaz! Too funny (and true) about that buzz. I also have to be careful of cookies--I can turn full on monster with chocolate chip cookies in front of me! Probably why I don't make them that often as they wouldn't last long. Before my healthier lifestyle changes, I was a big fan of the Wendy's Frosty for the frozen chocolate treat category. 😂 Very cheap for a college student budget, haha. Reese's will always hold a special place in my heart for that magical combination of peanut butter and chocolate, though now I pick up the Justin's brand for a treat since they are friendly for my style of eating. Still quite delicious and decadent! Happy to enjoy all of these wonderful memories with everyone this month!


Lol our Katie is the cookie monster! Who'd a thunk it? From childhood to this very day, I can polish off a packet of biscuits without blinking.


Right? I don't often get tempted by the savory stuff, but sweets have always been my vice of choice, haha.

Enjoyed your post; especially how you describe the emotional side of eating.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

All good choices! We used to have those biscuits in Canada, particularly around Christmas. Just looking at that picture brings back memories!

I love the reesse, and if we join all your options in one and make a mega chocolate milkshake with cookies filled with peanut butter and all covered with more chocolate, ok, bring out my sweet tooth side with this publication jajaja.

Oh!!! I haven't had a Reese's PB cup in... decades! One of my childhood favorites!

Tea and biscuits are a lovely treat! Wishing I had some now.

I'll pass on the milkshake because I'm already cold but man I do miss the flaavvooooorrr!

Oh! I just remembered, I have a recipe to make on chocolate squares that tastes just like reeses. I can share it with you if you like.