My in heart Philanthropy

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Sichuan Sichuan .... caught caught ....
Standing next to the main road lined silver bowl to hold the kids have been shaken by dozens of pairs of Mi Mi team bonus money. After addition of ceramic vessels iron status. Smoother standing next to dozens of Mi Mi 'flood walking store.' '
Notes on up to three or four or five leaves floating on the road. She ran smoother and picked up the money. Money is important for them. Especially for valuable bonus.
Be careful because the road.
He was smooth and collected the funds over to the other side of the road and then counted. A total of five hundred and smoother. sigh dozens of Mi Mi thrown outside.

'Small' four hundred and fifty, still shaking. I is broken by the heat of subtle

Dozens of Mi Mi is suddenly left for the flood victims. In fact, he said, excited, because it is the first quake. Finished only force trying to help. He was not.
'' Dozens whole way. He did not speak like that. No matter how enthusiastically important because readiness.
Charity wish to build a bad hair cut. upcoming probably still have a problem. As far as resetting '

'' Yes, I understand that. But my sister. ''

'' So then I said, there's more than a car on its way. ''

M smooth across a silver bowl child Sichuan Sichuan shake the ring with. Zin Mi Mi is standing beside a handsome silver cup as a shock.
'' Flood
Her voice was too sharp, but to hear her sweet, it's smoother. I turned and smiled. Alan Rusu floating were driving in a car. However, no link.
On the other side of the four friends HIV ENTIRE through Sinai each holding four pillars are doing to help.
HIV on the Nile '' flood Bank Capital Group '' and they are excited, they were written in the name of the village. In fact, they are all college students.

Dozens Mi Mi looked at the valley seems to be trying to understand the fine points to laugh. '' Hamm Hamm gave hem. '' Zin Mi Mi seems to be a little shy. Demurely, and because of her shy smile. Love says that her recently.

'' Hey, are planted in each firm. Bank are mostly forgotten. After rocking the latest tomorrow've killed the pair back to the village to go. ''

She turned to look for the flood victims. Too excited leader Min Min Soe. She suddenly thought appears smoother. I want to ask softly. Steering wheel pose.
Kun beat later to cross over to the other side of the Min Min Soe and close to me. She never finished her softly.
But for flood victims 'sister' Hen rocking alone ... ''
Courier asked beside her near Zin Mi Mi
'' Vegan. She is excited to sunny wholesale syrup floating value that can be collected. But now, sister, sister from subtract as much from a list of three. ''
. Her eyes, children's club and help study visit is the first step. She wanted her mother. She asked another question.
'' Provisions that can be collected also spoken gloves'
I finished. '' Well, 'I asked her why.
She thought then, '' is the title given by our charitable definition to it, '' he said.

'' I philanthropic work. Nobody can plant the money out of your pocket penny and do not like. I was tired of the street. Excited to pick out a spirit of charity and the money is already highlighted. Wealth wealthy philanthropic ignores young students are taught the same street to coerce Who are those with prosperity. Blessings in their attitude.. A lot of people are really rich philanthropic process, a handful of the ones calculated out of the money. Now we can use, but if used to recover the philanthropic. Therefore clean mind. ''

Sichuan Sichuan caught cups

Dozens Mi Mi hear from the hand is smooth silver, but I do not want to continue to shake. She understood the philanthropic fundamentally different to see and practical charity felt.

Pay attention to the road of the plant was finished in half
The flood victims, '' so far to be charged to the public, we pay my wife '
The smoother
'' So here. Why would afford, '' a languid tone.
He called back by someone tapping on the shoulder of a woman in her holding hands with the silver cup. Judith cast blank.

'' She could pick up '

The bow will be silver before they drove disrespecting my speed went to the depths wheel will come back. Zin Mi Mi said he will not return to the top when he came to collect the silver cup was broken and closed near the bottom before doing tenacious he saw. Only one down next to her mother. I stood over.

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