BUDGET MOBILE BAR BIZ PLAN #dreamsdocometrue

2년 전

Yes, that's one of my girlfriend's dream biz's.
She believes in the quality of alc drinks that I mix so she always tells me that we could set up a mobile bar business.

And here it is! :-) After a successful camp site beach bar business last summer, we were asked to cater for a wedding in Intramuros!

We are super excited and tensed at the same time. And before that big day, we would like to share with you our humble start up pack;

√1 time 5k php budget for bar equipment and glassware
√drunk meeting/ taste test
√drunk planning
√drunk sketching
√Divisoria skills
√Contractor for customized mobile bar
√a date with business partner







Quilted club inspired bar counter:

Synthetic leather = 130 php per yard
Old foam for cushion/ quilt
Gem/ crystal buttons

Plywood laminate
Aluminum tubes

Cocktail glass = 15 php per pc
Ice bucket = 100 php
Tongs = 15 php

2k php budget for alcohol mix and ice supply

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Thanks @harvz ! We're super excited to show you the collapsible bar... Soon :-)