5 Things I Learned on Steemit That Can Help Fellow Newbies

2년 전

Well it's 9 days before my 3rd month on Steemit and oh what a ride it is. 🎉 Let me tell you what I learned here in almost 3 months.


First let me define some terms for you, in case you are unaware of it like I was. I will be using some in my post, and I will be dropping some usernames here so you get the idea clearly:

Minnow: Steemit newbies. You can be here for 1 day or a few months and still be a minnow. Read the FAQ section for more info about Steemit.

Steemit Rewards: Author and Curation rewards are where you get Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) for FREE. SBD/Steem = money you withdraw and get to use. 💰

Technically, no it's not really free because you post and create articles to earn them. It's like you pay people Steem/SBD/money and other people pay you Steem/SBD/ money too based on what are posted and shared around here.

Quality posts: The more detailed it is the better. Whether it's a short story or essay with pictures and good markdown/style or just explaining how your drawing process goes, people will appreciate it if it brings value to them. Also if people have experienced the same thing as you then it can be a quality post to them. It really depends on who is looking at what you share to the world. We each have our own standards of quality.

Curation: This is when a non-minnow (dolphin or whales) upvotes and shares your post to their followers for appreciation, which in turn serves as some sort of promotion for you. It means if you post crappy stuff, and one to two liner posts with only one picture don't expect serious curators to promote or upvote and resteem your posts. Other curators will do that if you pay for their service though.

Curators are those who primarily look for quality posts to submit to curating groups and get additional curating prize for it. There are also those who do it for free.

Some people will still like what you post even if it's just a pic or a sentence, it really depends who sees your posts. Or you can also be a simple/small curator just by upvoting and resteeming any post you prefer.

Curation trail: In order to join curation trails, you can join something like @steemauto so you can automatically upvote whatever the big Steemit curators upvote and get curation rewards.

In Steemauto, you get to choose which curation trail to follow. Examples are @curie, @surpassinggoogle etc. These accounts have a following where when they upvote a post, the people who joined in on their curation trail will also upvote on that post, thus earning curation rewards.

And you as the curated one will in turn get more money! 🎉 You may get the shock of your life if your post suddenly shows it's worth more than $100 on Steemit. Happened to me. Lol. 😁 You can earn a lot based on how many people upvoted you and the percentage value of their upvote.

With that, let's go on to my main topic.


1 As a newbie/minnow, do not expect to earn big for every post you make.

Yes, expectation is the mother of all heartaches. 💔 Better to hope but do not expect because it will break your heart. I got heartbroken when my quality post wasn't noticed by big curation trails. Well yeah I consider it a quality post but if other people don't think so then there goes the stigma of social networks.

Of course everyone's here for the money, so expect to be heartbroken when you don't earn a lot immediately. We all go through the newbie heartaches. It even caused me anxiety prompting some people to tell me not to take it seriously. This is a social earning platform so expect disappointments to happen from time to time if you're out for recognition here.

If you live only for Steemit, I advise you to get a life. That's what I told myself when I got anxious about getting noticed here. Oh man.

2 Write what you want or love/like.

It's much better to experiment first and just post what you like here. People who see it can appreciate something you like too. Even new minnows out for money will appreciate a good post when they see one. ❤

You can either find your niche or just post what you want. There are those who would prefer you post on one or two topics or areas of interest. But for me it's boring if I just post photos or my drawings or shows I like. I have a variety of interests so I will post what I want and the heck with earning big from the curation trails. Huhu. I won't bother anymore. (Yeah right.)

3 Appreciate other people's post and share your posts to others

This is a social network. You want to earn money here, you interact and comment genuinely not because you also want to get an upvote or a resteem from them. If you start that way then you will learn the value of appreciating other posts in due time.

Do not share unrelated links to other people's posts unless they are asking for it. Don't go the "follow for follow" or "upvote for upvote" route. Although of course it depends if that is the type of group you belong to then enjoy. Just don't think that everyone thinks like that here in Steemit. Other people flag that kind of comment or activity.

One way to share your posts is by signing up to Steemit.chat and going to the #postpromotion channel and other post sharing channels so more people can find you. It's where you can also find other people's post to appreciate.

The benefit of going around commenting/upvoting/sharing and appreciating other people's posts is:

  • You get more followers.
  • You get found by other people.
  • Potential to get curated by the big curators.

This means more $$ for not just you but everyone involved.

4 Explore and Research on successful Steemit members and Find out How to Use Steemit

Because Steemit wallets and activities are an open book, you can check on how other people here have become successful (meaning, earning a lot per post) and decide on what to do here. 🤔

Look for Steemit tutorials, like how to comment properly to avoid getting flagged or downvoted. Read the FAQ section and find out what you need to know on how to best use the site first before you can decide on how to use Steemit to be successful. On my 2nd month here I still didn't know what I was doing. Lol.

One more month of being here made me realize a lot of things. I've seen people who earn hundreds per post who also got more $$ by paying for services where you get upvoted and resteemed and such. I've seen those who don't do that and are just posting quality stuff consistently and getting what I would term "natural" upvotes and resteems from followers.

Tried both of that and it certainly made me happy when someone curated me out of I don't know where. This is where my tip #3 comes in.

Or you can have your friends or join a group where all you do is upvote and resteem each other without a care if it's a quality post or not. They may just upvote and resteem because they want to help you or they just want to get the same upvote or resteem they did for you. Either way is fine. Some people do that and manage to earn from it too. This is a diverse site, so find out which kinds of people you wanna join and be part of.



5 Find out what your purpose for this site is in order to earn more than a few cents

Some people write here to share their travel experiences or reviews of movies/shows/music they've seen/heard. Others post artworks because they are looking for potential clients or they just want to be a better artist and share their talent. There will also be those who write stories here as a sounding board for them to know if they write good or not. Whatever it is, you must find what to use the site for so you will know what to post here most of the time. That's also another way to find your niche if you still haven't thought about it.

To earn more here, you have to find out how you will earn more from the site. You will find that out if you have a purpose on why you are here on Steemit. If you're just here for the heck of it, that's fine too. Post anything you like and don't take it seriously, it might make you successful here too.

There you have it. If you want to be successful on Steemit these are my suggestions. I am still learning so I might be wrong on some points so feel free to do additional research too. And if you'd like to add more, just share and comment below. :)

Enjoy and Happy Steeming!



All images are copyright of their respective owners.
All rights reserved.
Written by @artgirl for Steemit.
© Art x Stephanie Rue

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galing galing mo sis! keep it up! tama young sabi mo, don't expect. ilang beses na rin akong may expect pero wala. Pero nung di ako ng expect malaki earnings.


Oo nga... ganun ata tlga sis. haha. Kakaloka. Thanks!

Totally agree on idea of posting about what you love. I feel like that's the only way you can actually create quality posts long-term is to post about something you love & something you know well.❤️

As another newbie/minnow really related to this post. Also thanks for some good tips 🤔

Gonna check out Steemit.chat. Didn't know it could be valuable.👌

Cheers 👊


Alright! 👊

Great points @artgirl, thanks for the post!

I remember when i first got approved to join steemit in December, my initial urge was to post some random picture with a cute little joke, In hopes for great riches.

But thank got i stumbled on a great article by @shayne : Steemit New User Tips: IntroduceYourself/Introduction Post and I felt that one of the first sentences he wrote was intended directly for me:

"As a new user to Steemit, I know you want to dive right in and start posting and earning!
But resist!"

So thanks to him i did resist and waited...I tried to learn as much as I can about the platform before posting my initial #introduceyourself post.

I waited for over a month before posting my first post, it took me 2 weeks to write it and re-write it and by the time i posted it, it had 6995 words and 58 images from different chapters of my life.

Retrospectively, perhaps It was a bit to much and I doubt anyone really read it all the way through, but it was written from the bottom of my heart, I truly opened up and shared my life to all...so the people who did read even a little, shared their love with me and encouraged me to keep writing more.

And it brings me to my 5 cents of this comment :)

My tip would be: open up, make sure you write from you heart, with intentions of providing a great piece of content, be it educational, inspirational, entertaining or any other kind and not with intentions of just making money.

Put real effort in your content, make sure it will be something you will want to read your self...

I see thousands of people posting random stuff they found over the internet and reposting it without providing any additional benefits, or people posting low quality photos of ducks or snails they have seen, without even telling us whats so special about those ducks.

It often feels like a giant FOMO is taking over the feed, like people are in a hurry to post, no matter what..just press that publish button as fast as they can...and they think that if they keep posting those 2 sentence "articles" , or copy paste and plagiarize their way through, that eventually those 0.01$ earning will accumulate to some decent profits.

And perhaps that will happen, though it is probably really doubtful...

I believe that instead we should only post when we sure that somebody would like to listen, that somebody might relate to what we have to say, that perhaps we might help somebody or get help ourselves...
Till then get to know people, read their content (really read it), comment, add upon their work, get inspired...

Perhaps its better to try to build something great instead, a network of awesome people, sharing and learning from each other, helping each other, helping the world through wonderful projects and as a side effect of this awesome worldwide cooperation we will all make some money.

So in addition to the important points that @artgirl has mentioned in her post , I want to add what I have managed to learn so far after a few weeks on steemit:

  • Be helpful
  • Bring something new
  • Express your uniqueness
  • Dont rush to post like a crazy person
  • Chill out
  • Plan
  • Get to know people
  • Teach, Learn
  • Make sure to tell people that you learned from them and that you appreciate their work, no matter how old is their post
  • Be kind
  • An most importantly , Enjoy :)

Sorry @artgirl for dropping all this madness on your lovely post :))



Oh this is the best comment so far. Yes we all start from wanting to dive in immediately. haha. At least we will be able to learn little by little on what should be done here to improve our chances and be better Steemit members.

Thank you for your additional tips. I'm sure everyone can learn from your comment. :)


You are right ... "A lifelong learner is a lifelong winner" ;)

Thank you dear...I always plan to leave a short complimentary comment, but it always turn out to be a memoir, but I guess that is just the way i am :)

Keep writing great posts, wise teacher 🙏🙏🙏


Aw... thank you as well for the compliments and keep up the great comments too!


Thank you dear, will make sure to keep commenting on great content such as yours.


awesome dear! my first post was like that, it was made or written from the bottom of my heart.


Hey @junebride, i looked trough some of your articles...have to admit, seems like most of them (if not all) written from the bottom of your heart :)

Great job!


thanks dear!!! appreciate that

I love to see and read your post, greetings share

@artgir thank you for sharing this excellent publication that helped me a lot since I am in my first month, I hope other publications of this educational style


You are welcome and I am glad to be of help to fellow newbies. :) Have fun!

Hey, I follow you from mylot. Nice points you've got here. I'm bookmarking this site so I can read it again some other time.


Oh hey! Yeah I remember you, nice to see you here. Haha~ Thanks!

Pag long form contents pwede po tag #ocd-resteem try mo edit ipalit sa community tag baka madetect pa


Oh... sige po gorabels. haha. Luh iba yung naalis ko. hahaha. Yaan m n.

thanks for the information. Your writing leads me and others to succeed in steemit. After I read your writing, I am motivated and excited. Once again, thank you so much


You're welcome. Good luck!

I love to see and read your post, greetings share


Ok thanks for dropping by.

I love that! Especially the part of finding your niche - or better: bring your own niche to Steemit, because we need more good content and followers in them!
Good to have found you an I follow you! ❤️


Hehe, yeah that sounds good too.

Thank you! :)

Been reading alot of post lately about how to improve my steemit activity, your post adds to my list of learning.

Well done.

Good morning.

steemit ph footer.JPGSteemitFamilyPH-Batangas


Oh hey good morning too! :) Thank you. Glad to help.

This is a very good post. Deserves more reward but it's okay because your hard work will be rewarded when you have enough following. You will need to keep creating good posts and engage like you are doing. You yourself said those things about expectations.

I am resteeming this in hope to get a few views and may be some upvotes too.


Thank you very much. Coming from you this means a lot. :) I will be reading more of your posts in the coming days too to be a better Steemit member.

You are very right. About a month ago I made a post about it that:

Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme.

It need a lot of work writing quality content. As a newbie all you need to do is to read people's pis and comment on it. No just comment but your opinion on the post. This will attract more followers and definitely with time you will get the reward.


Yes indeed. Thanks for dropping by! :)

Hi! I really felt like you helped me and calm me haha I feel a little bit lost, it is all new for me! Thanks!! ✨


Hello and welcome!

Yes that happens to all of us newbies. I am happy to hear my post have helped you. I too experienced being confused and lost on what to do here when I started but after reading a lot and getting help from my online friends here and on another site, now it is becoming much easier. It will be easier for you too moving forward. Learning how to use the site will make things easier.

Have a nice day!

Being new to Steemit myself, only 12 days, advice posts like these really do help. There is just so much to take in when we first arrive on the platform. I feel like I am slowly finding my feet now and I hope to do well on here. I think your probably right in the fact that we shouldn't try and cover to many topics. I only see great things ahead for Steemit and the community seems to be expanding at a rapid rate.


Oh wow, 12 days in. Yeah, learning how to use the site was a figurative headache and a nosebleed session from all the things I had to know here. That was last month. This month I feel like I'm getting better at this so it felt good to share what I learned.

Glad to be of help. Looks like you're gonna do great here. Have fun!


Well worth a resteem.


Your welcome. Yeah you put this post together very well. Informative and easy to understand for a newbie which is ideal when your just getting started.
Thanks, I am determined to do well, I always try and put 100% into everything I do.


Thank you. :)

HiGreat post. Thanks for the informative post.


Ah your edited out comment was the best example of what not to do as mentioned in my tip # 3. This can get you flagged or downvoted.


Please I'm sorry


It's alright. We all learn from our mistakes. Have fun Steeming!

You have good articles about love. Keep it up!


Thanks soo much for your understanding. That we are just ordinary flesh. Born of imperfections that's why we make mistakes. Thank you.



Probably the best post I have come across that highlighted some valuable points that can yield good result. Wishing you more success.


Thank you. :)

Thanks for the tips! Gave me something to think about.


You're welcome. Glad to help.

Newbies/minnows can easily earn curation rewards. As percentage of your total SP it can be just as high as what the whales earn. In absolute terms it will of course be lower.

I'm not really a fan of the curation trail concept. Although I did not fully check out myself, I think we can be pretty sure who really earns big time.....


True... Curation trails are good for those who want to spend their time elsewhere. :)


I actually meant that the person that starts the trail will get rich. As he/she will get part of the curation from all upvotes after his/hers.


Well yeah.

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Wow thanks!

Upvoted and following your blog. It's great to find another newbie offering advice and sharing experiences. Supporting each other will help us grow :)


Thank you. Glad to share what I learned so I can help much newer members. :)