Plankton Tokens

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Good morning everyone! Its 6:50AM, I still have time to make this post before I start preparing for work. How's your sleep guys? I hope you had enough rest and feeling energized as you face this another wonderful day.

By the way, I just checked my Steem Engine account and noticed that the 100 Plankton Tokens I bought is now 122. Wow. That's 22% increase in like what more than a month? I'm also receiving 0.250 Steem every week because I'm of one of top 10 holders of Plankton. What a profitable investment. Thank you @plankton.token for helping small accounts, and for always always being so generous.

Enjoy your day guys, and keep steeming. =)

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Thank you for the trust, more is coming to loyal Planktons like you, for sure! See you!

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thanks for this recommendation @kendra19

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glad i am a hodler of plankton tokens too 😉

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