STEEM FOR A CAUSE: Charity Lottery Game | 004

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A fundraising activity that would help fund the projects of @randomkindness.

All earnings from this account (Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power) will be used to bring smile, uplift the lives of the people, deliver fast assistance, take care of mother Earth, and make a difference by doing one act of random kindness at a time.


Beneficiary: Mamanwa Tribe
Location: Brgy. Kagbana Burauen, Leyte
Target Fund: 200 USD

Funds will be used for the gift-giving activity this December. Toys, art materials, slippers, candies, and some food packs will be distributed to about 50 pax of the Mamanwa Tribe, residing in Brgy. Kagbana Burauen, Leyte.

Here's a documentary I found in Youtube about the Mamanwa Tribe in Basey, Samar. Sharing it here to give you an idea about their culture, way of life and why I believe their tribe is worthy to be the next beneficiary.


Beneficiary: Baktas Oplan Tsinelas
Accomplishment: 84 pairs of slippers




Daily draw will be conducted through a number generator app and game results will be posted every 9:00PM PH Standard Time.

Cut off time is at 8:00PM. All tickets bought beyond this time will be considered for the next round.


Jackpot prize is at 0.100 Steem plus 50% of total ticket sales. If no one wins on that particular round, the prize will be added to the next round. The other 50% goes to charity fund that will be utilized for the project which @randomkindness believes of good cause.

This also aims to provide daily fun and exciting game to every Steemian, including those who are just starting their journey here in Steemit. Thus, ticket price was set to a very affordable rate of 0.010 Steem. Each account is only allowed to bet for a maximum of 5 tickets.

Players should match all 3 numbers with the exact order to win the jackpot prize. You win free ticket if you get all 3 numbers in any order.


Send 0.010 Steem to @randomkindness account and write in the memo the 3 digit number combination. If you want to buy 2 or more tickets, you may do so in one single transfer, and write in the memo the different number combinations like this: 1-4-2 / 3-5-1 / 2-1-2, along with the transfer of 0.030 Steem as payment for the 3 tickets.

Pick between numbers 1 to 5. With this, players will have higher chances of hitting the right number combination. As the number of players increases, we will increase from 5 to 10, then to 15 and so on. For now, I think this is a good start.


All resteems entitles you to "1 FREE Ticket". If you write about this contest or simply include the poster in your blog, you get "2 FREE Tickets". Promo runs for a week (or until the situation calls for it.) 😂

After resteeming or posting about this contest, you're automatically entitled to avail the FREE ticket. Simply write in the comment section your 3 digit number combination.


WEDNESDAY • November 14, 2018




Thank you so much @bluesapphire06 and @youngblogger24 for playing. I hope to see you again on the next round. ☺️




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This is brilliant. Hmmm... this needs more exposure. Let me see what I can do to help. Keep going!


Thank you for your donation ate, and for being supportive always. 😊🙏

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Thank you for playing @ravisarikonda. You have another ticket for resteeming this post. Please write the 3 digit number combination in the comment section. 😊

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Thank you for resteeming the post. Please write in the comment section your 3 digit number combination. 😊

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Oh thank you for the free ticket, here is my # 1-5-2.


Thanks for another free ticket. Here is mine:
4-5-1. 😊😊