Philippines, The Pearl of the Orient

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The Philippines was once dubbed as the tiger of Asia. A paradise, the pearl of the orient. Our economy was number one in terms of growth and economical progress. We were always proud. We were making noise that was heard everywhere around the world. But look at us now. A place of poverty, people are starving, A Third World Country. Many problems led to the downfall of our beloved country. But let me tell you the main ones.

First: Greediness. Greediness on money and power to be exact. The few on top wants to stay on top. They want more causing the other few ones get less. “Myself” became more important than “ourselves.” Selfishness ate the humanity they have. Second: Lack of sympathy. Others doesn’t care about any effects of what they’re doing even if it means stepping on others. For them, the less powerful are just expendable objects. The only humans are just them and others on power. And the third one and I think the most problematic of all, Lack of patriotism. If you love someone, you will not cheat on them. You will not make them look stupid in front of others. You’ll dedicate your life for the one you love. We can love other countries such as France or Korea or whatever. But why can’t we do it on our own? Many people died fighting for the freedom of our country. They thought Spain, Japan, and America were destroying us. They fought because they want freedom. “Philippines for the Filipinos” they said. But what have we done? We end up hurting the Philippines more than the conquerors Japan, Spain, and America hurt our land. But in the end, we were the ones who killed Philippines.

We can blame each other for what happened. But let me tell you one thing, we are the future of this country. We are the ones who will act maybe 10 or more years from now. A wise man once said, “There’s still a gap before a mistake turn into a problem.” It’s not too late. Let the change start with the man in the mirror.

An open letter or speech for us, Filipinos. The purpose of this speech was to inform us what really is the problem of the Philippines. The three main points I think was Greediness, Lack of Sympathy, and Lack of Patriotism.

What do you think? Other insights?

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