Dangers Of Wishful Thinking 🌠

3년 전

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Blindly Trying To Reach Greatness

An issue that happens when we concentrate on what we would like is that we fail to think about the numerous implications related to obtaining it. The expression, "Be careful what you wish for; you simply may get it" applies perfectly here. There’s a reason many lottery winners finish up depressed, broke, or suicidal.

We might have a transparent plan of what we would like, however, if we don’t think about how our lives will change once we get it, we might end up less happy than once we started. Above all else, the most important reason to be conscious of what we wish for is that we’re susceptible to believe we’ll be happier once we acquire what we want.

The More We Wish The Less We Get

Social science analysis has proven that thinking this way may be a setup, because the more we get, the more we wish for. We believe that obtaining what we would like for will be the solution to any or all of our issues. This illusion that our lifelong satisfaction or joy will be granted.

How we become happy tends to be from the inside and without knowing the way to cultivate it internally for ourselves, no quantity of cash or external rewards can allow us to experience or maintain it.

Live A Life You Will Regret

Considering this and the different points of caution, I discussed earlier; it’s straightforward to wonder if wishing and wanting is definitely worth the risk. However let me assure you, there’s some excellent news here for those willing to take heed.

For me, there’s nothing more alarming than the prospect of reaching the end of my life and realising I passed over on all of it, as a result of I used to be too busy wondering what I wanted rather than looking at what you have and being grateful for purely that.

Refrain from leading a life in which you are stuck looking at unimaginable goals. Set goals for your life and, by all means, get intentional concerning going after them. However understand that everything you hope to feel once you get what you would like for is obtainable to you right here, right now.

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