Life Is More Than That Which Meets The Eye ๐ŸŒŽ

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More To Life Than We Thought

Terry Pratchett has a novel called Hogfather, and it talks about taking the Universe all the way down to its simplest parts and continues to say, "Show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy." of course, his point is that it isn't possible. This is because mercy and justice are not real objects; they're abstract ideas.

Abstraction does not have a place in reality. Abstraction is the product of our imagination. However, without abstraction, the essence of who we are would be lost. Life isn't simply literal; it's, also, to a large degree metaphorical. Without metaphor, without abstract ideas, it's incomplete.

Different Ways To Look At Life

It is a metaphor that makes us move forward; it's a metaphor that gives life meaning. Value, desire, and belief are all abstract ideas.

There is no intrinsic worth; worth is seen as a product of the subjective mind; that is the reason for something's worth not being set, but instead, it's relative to the appraiser.

Our Own Visions

Value is created in the heart of the evaluator desire; the more valuable something is to the person who values it, the bigger their need for it is. Belief is another issue that's not fixed; beliefs vary from one person to the next.

The unreal, imaginary things give life meaning and purpose; they're the things that encourage us; they supply us with drive and determination. Try to imagine a world without any one of these three. Try to imagine a life that is worthless or void of desire. Try to imagine a life that is cynical of everything; this is not a life worth living.

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writing about very useful philosophy, @arckrai,๐Ÿ™‚