Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back 💔

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The Pain Of Unrequited Love

If you're in love with someone with whom you've got a friendship/sexual relationship, who is kind, compassionate and a "good friend", however, is unable to reciprocate your adoration, it will be terribly painful to navigate that relationship in an approach that's not consuming for you.

It’s onerous not to feel as if you're losing yourself. So as to be "in" it and keep it alive, you frequently infuse life into the relationship, if you'll be able to call it that, by having to compromise your well-deserved longings for more. You {are trying|you are attempting} to convince yourself that you simply are okay with less in return, simply to keep the affiliation.

Doing Anything To Make It Work

You may fake it's not so, however this experience levels you and shatters you over and over. You become more confused regarding what you deserve and might have during this or any potential romantic relationship for that matter. It additionally heightens the desire, the inducement, the overwhelming "need" to convince this person once and for all so your vanity will be "restored."

What is happening is that you simply are falling into a chasm of emotional addiction. Sadly, once the addiction is to an individual, they do not keep still, and they will never allow you to have any sort of control to break the addiction. It becomes even tougher and might sap even more time from your valuable life as a result of you're being fed in some way.

Continually Made To Feel Pain

Understand that this person you like, in spite of how much they care, cannot make this better for you, rather like a drug could briefly ease your yearning, however, is dangerous for you within the long run. The emotional backlash that you simply experience later causes you to more willing than ever to keep coming back for more of what's changing into less and less.

For now, simply expand your awareness that this might be your experience and recognise that you simply aren't alone. It's onerous to be strong and not look for your drug once the withdrawal causes you to promise things that show just how much you're losing yourself. You simply have one life. You can't accept the one that is unwittingly contributing to eating away your vanity to build it up for you.

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