Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? 💭

3년 전

Ever Switching Of Faces

People go through situations in their life and say that things are pretty difficult nowadays. As a teacher, you need to punish kids for various misbehaviours. If you are a social worker, you'd have to ban them from the Youth Centre if they’d done something notably atrocious. Usually, they thought this was unfair, and you immediately become unpopular, as they know they'd be.

At schools, you see many different cases, where you are, are paired with someone who is in need of a friendly face to talk to and here is a story consisting of an encounter with one of those students. The person I used to be paired to see was sixteen and preparing to leave school. Thus the end of our working relationship was close at hand.

However, that wasn’t what made saying what I had to say harder. I’ve ended relationships with many kids and, though I approach each ending fastidiously, they rarely feel significant. Usually, we’ve done our work, and the child is prepared to move on. It's a yearly cycle.

Does He Think About Me?

A friend of his moved away and he was wondering if he still thinks of him. We’d spent an extended time talking about this: about whether or not his friend missed him, about whether or not his friend thought of him, about how his friend compared the student with the new friends he was sure to be making, about the meaning of his friend’s silence. What had their relationship been worth? Had the student really mattered or had he merely been a convenience?

Especially, we considered relationships ending and whether or not this is often inevitable or could be a signal that a relationship has been false once it doesn’t last. We thought of whether or not it’s achievable to possess loved somebody and no longer have to be compelled to see them.

“People forget each other,” I went on. “New people come into our lives, and our memories fade. That doesn’t mean that our relationships are false once we’re with people or that we don’t love them. It merely means that everything comes to an end and that’s traditional.”

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