DTube Travel Tip- Be a Minimalist [T01]

3년 전

Hey DTube It's Your Blockchain Wolf Cartel

Being a minimalist is important not only as a strategy but also as a philosophy for travel. When we allow ourselves to rely only on our foundations we can see what is strong within us. It also helps we don't carry as much ;)

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I am one. The less I have lighter I am! :)

Just give me my gear so I can create content and thats about it :)

Grateful for the message you are spreading and nice to know we have similar outlook on life :)


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It’s wonderful when two minds can be in sync. I wish you could’ve joined a call between @nathanmars and I tonight. Surprisingly he takes minimalism to another level. Also I have to give props on your civil response to @kenanqhd ‘s video. I’m quite happy with the level of conversation here on DTube.


It really is. I wish the same but currently we are in different time zones :)

How long are you staying in Vietnam? Cause I will be coming to Thailand, unsure when exactly

Maybe we can join forces on some minimal trip :) hehe


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I enjoyed the conversation as well. A lot of good vibes today for DTube. I’ll checkout the website for sure!

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I actually just got back in Toronto but I have more Vietnam videos on the way (editing is hard). I will probably be going to Taiwan in February so if you’re interested in that you should come.

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I’ll come and visit you in Vietnam for sure!!

Loving the way your presenting your message!

I’m really happy to get you a know little with our phone call. Sorry I talk to much.lol

I’ll be followed your Minimalism journey here!

https://www.theminimalists.com -Recommended reading