Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 84 Announcement and Details

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Apparently the world is still crazy enough to try to convince everyone that "time" changes twice a year, but I don't buy into that shit. I keep the show at the same time year round and while some of you may choose to believe that time changed, it'll stay at 11:00 pm CST either way. Next week or the week after that might start being at 5:00 am UTC, but what's a UTC anyway? Fuck if I know. We're live in 23 minutes. SKRAAAAAT.

The show will be Saturday night at 11:00 pm CST (Sunday 4:00 am UTC). If you want to hang out and interact with us live, take the Discord link below, or else the others all work for listening and watching live. I'll also post a recording some time after the show is over. Thanks to anyone that can come out and join us and we look forward to seeing you there. Much love to all of you.

Live chat and stream on PAL Net Discord.

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I love the freedom you speak with, it's like when I have my program, I always say, "They are here, those who want to be in the program and that's the important thing for me." I share a hug and good vibes.

Haha Cool, I hate the Time Change and hope that changes so it never does have to change, lol! I will try to catch the show if I can stay awake! upped💯😴👍⏰⏳🕐
Otherwise I will check out the recording later.

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Yeah I dont really understand the point of daylight savings. If anything I feel like I spend more time in darkness un the winter then necessary. Having recently moved to france im really thrown off by it this year especially. They do daylight savings a week earlier then they do in Canada where im from. Yesterday when i called home i was extra confused.

Me: "So what is it, 8am over there?"
Dad: "no its 10am, why?"

I usually call him at 9am. I thought I was calling at 8am but it was actually 10am. I guess I don't understand how time works hahaha

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