FREE WILL - Responsibility or Illusion? (random thoughts part 1)

3년 전

The fundamental behavior of human being that constantly changing over time is base from the demand of the general people that is adaptable to change.

Free will could falls to responsibility or it falls to illusion. Human consciousness is base upon their own experience that build their own perspective in life whether a person have one dimensional perspective or multidimensional views. The truth in this world doesn't limit for a single dimensional and it requires patience to reach the end of the rabbit hole that most philosopher or a thinker that desperately seeking.


However if one person given a purpose in life whatever they stands for it could be a responsibility or an illusion base upon the perception of the average person and each person have its own judgment different from other's point of view. if the reality of mankind is just merely an illusion, then everything whatever we do is meaningless and pointless, but in the end people will continue doing stupid no matter how control or coercion of the authority will impose.

Responsibility is the driver of human civilization. It all started when a conscience and rationality exist from the people's mind and they grow together as an ethical that catapults into a modern world. The imperfection of the human being determines what is right and what is wrong is based upon the humans judgment and it is all about a matter of perspective.


We tend to do what is right because we know the importance of equality that calibrates ethical norm. Once free will get abuse by a person the fate will be recalibrate and it could lead to an illusion of reality.

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The concept of freedom is an illusion in my view. Man is always a slave to something, someone or himself


im with you :)

Great blog , it really points out something important in our life,,
As we know man always try to good because he knows the importance of doing that but he sometimes find himself doing bad thing also because he never full freedom because of some bounds he is having in his life..
So i think freedom is like an illusion to me but not everytime..

You have a great article about philosophy. All we want to live free. We don't want to live like a pet in the cage. But it's true all doesn't happen according to our intention. Thanks for sharing.