How do fakes change our life?

4년 전

The fakes came in a world prepared for their actions.

Advertising and propaganda, interests of the authorities or owners, the interests of the opposition, filled the information space.

Social media made possible a very large number of sources of information.

This virtually destroyed the notion of reliability or unreliability of information. In social media, the notion of truthfulness is secondary. But in traditional journalism, the notion of reliability was in the first place.

Fake can be a random set of information messages, and can be created consciously for a variety of reasons. For example, fakes can run to hide the truth, this may be interested in the culprits of some negative event.

Fake can also work to distort the picture of the world as a whole, undermining its foundations in the weakest areas.

Fake news creates the same fake life. And we begin to react to it as a real life.

Some researchers express fears that in the future, when artificial intelligence will learn to generate any messages - Robots can start a war, by issuing fake news and press releases, forging e-mail accounts and manipulating information.

In most cases, fakes are triggered as negative messages.

Why is negative news more effective?

Because, we do not always believe positive stories. We consider the positive stories to be less natural, which were the result of the efforts of public relations services.

Negative news, people retell much more than positive. This is the result that came to us from the past. Since in the past, for the survival of people, the knowledge of negative information was more important than the knowledge of positive information.

So it is today. We read with great interest in social networks, stories about how criminals deceive the owners of credit cards or how fraudsters act in the metro. Often in importance, such information is superior to us for any other information.

News surrounds us everywhere.
We are so used to the news that even fake news has stopped spoiling our mood.

News, news, news ...

Fake news tells about fake life.
What is the difference between fake life and the story that some movie star gave birth to twins, or a story about a new divorce in Hollywood ... Although these news are real, they tell us about events completely remote from our life, creating mountains of "garbage" in our heads.


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