Living Well at Others’ Expense

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Aren't we told that if we work hard enough that we all can become wealthy enough to retire early - that it is well deserved because our model is built upon meritocracy - So if you are rich, you just did good job!

Unfortunately the reality says otherwise. As far as we can look back into the past the same scenario has played out . Without the cheap work force there wouldn't be any powerful businesses at all . For those who religiously probe the arcanes of power, the mystery has revealed itself : while knowledge progresses, financial enslavement becomes more sophisticate.

And the servitude works both ways of course: we in the so-called rich West consuming is addictive, our brains are wired to feel pleasure and empowerment when spending. Just look at the TV commercials, they all are about that: an impression of freedom associated with money itself.

That's because the design to enslave is the purpose of money. As long as the chase on value remains our model, our own self-destruction will get one step closer daily. We have to quit supporting consensuses... any consensus that does not DISSOLVE corporate power is a distraction

Life is meant to be lived like a beautiful dream empowering freedom and creativity but money morphs the latter into a nightmare!

Buckminster Fuller is correct on that: to bring about a meaningful social system change, changing the environment is key and in order to do this individuals must be able to access unbiased data.

We found the article below extremey valuable to spread the word about the system's inner workings because there cannot be any system change without awareness. Moreover we even suggest if you plan to give away gift cards, please consider buying this book instead for any friends and relative willing to understand where our massive pollution and world poverty come from.

The battle starts at home...... remember?

Living Well at Others’ Expense: The Hidden Costs of Western Prosperity by Stephan Lessenich.

Living well at others’ expense is the modus operandi of modern capitalist societies. As this book’s title foretells, the author offers a view of the current world order in which the global north controls economic and political systems and receives the benefits of development, whilst the global south pays the price.

Stephan Lessenich explains how the daily dynamics of northern and southern countries are inseparably linked. Northern states and citizens satisfy their thirst for resources and commodities by impinging on the environmental and social boundaries of their southern counterparts, a process Lessenich calls “externalization”, “exploiting the resources of others, passing on costs to them, appropriating the profits, and promoting self-interest while obstructing or even preventing the progress of others”. Meanwhile, southern countries, prey to the rules imposed by the north, intensively exploit their own natural and human resources to try to keep up with the pace of demand.

Using ordinary language and clear examples, Living Well at Others’ Expense unveils the social dynamics of the global village as a “zero-sum game”. The high living standards of some are only sustainable through the suffering and degradation of most others – including non-human others.

Admittedly, many intellectuals have for decades been describing such an uneven and unfair distribution of wealth in the contemporary world. Even in the 1950s, the idea of the resource curse was popular among economists to indicate that countries rich in biodiversity are ‘cursed’ to experience war, poverty and exploitation; and since the 1980s, grassroots movements throughout the world have denounced the injustice by which the powerful enjoy ‘environmental goods’ while the marginalised cope with ‘environmental bads’.

Nevertheless, aside from exploring the northern exploitation of the south, Lessenich covers a topic that intellectuals have discussed much less: the societal denial of the unfair global allocation of opportunity. The American Dream and its associated idea of meritocracy currently dominate the universal collective consciousness, making us believe, first, that ‘successful’ individuals owe their privileges to hard work; and second, that anyone who works hard enough can achieve those privileges. However, as Lessenich shows, privilege is mostly inherited, either directly within a family or structurally within a nation, and hard work may not even come into the equation.


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I appreciate this post. You continue to demonstrate your sound intentions to benefit society, which I also desire most in life. I have found criticism to be my most valued currency, as when I benefit from it, I learn how to be correct when I am wrong, how to better achieve my purposes, and just improve in whatever way I have been lacking. Of course I need to exercise judgment before just accepting a critic is right. That being the case, I stick to my guns until I agree with some point of fact that shows I am wrong.

Then I immediately change my mind.

I say all this to try to provide to you criticism I believe will benefit you in your goal of benefiting society, a goal I share, without giving you cause to take offense. I do not seek to offend you, but to give you greater success. I intend that you resist my opinions until you find them factually correct, because that's the right thing to do, because you are sovereign, and I'm not the judge of you. I won't take offense if you disagree. If you disagree, I hope you can prove me wrong, so I can be right thereafter, or that I can prove what I say is true, because telling the truth in ways that people understand and agree is why I'm here at all.

"...the design to enslave is the purpose of money."

This is factually, demonstrably, not true. Money is simply a technology that makes commerce easier and more productive. Commerce is neither designed to enslave, even though commerce in slaves has existed almost since commerce has. These things have been perverted from their functional designs in order to enslave. The purpose of overlords is to enslave, and to do so they can use anything, everything, and do.

It is common for Prosecutors to use extortion to coerce accused persons to agree to being held captive as a slave of the state, what we call a plea bargain. One of the most common coercive tools used to extort the accused is their children. It is easy for state actors to make a call and put your kids in foster care, and Prosecutors do this a lot. It is not the designed purpose of children to be means of extortion, yet using them to extort is apparently the heart of political power today, as the Epstein case revealed. 98% of convictions are plea bargains. Prosecutors can be really crappy lawyers. They have to be really good at extortion.

Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely. The absolutely corrupt seize absolute power at any cost. When you view corruption in this way, then the corrupting influence of the enemedia, of money, of politics is revealed as the perversion of these powers by the corrupt, who seek absolute power.

This is why bananas, pineapples, cocoa and coffee have caused dozens of military invasions of S. and Central American countries by the US since the 20th Century began. Not because those agricultural products are designed to cause war, but because the corrupt aggrandize themselves with them, and with that power become evil overlords.

Did you know that Pepsi was once the sixth largest military force in the world? This isn't because Pepsi is a weapon of war, but because the corrupt folks transacting with Pepsi paid in weapons for the product. Made me view the Cola Wars in a new light when I learned this. However, Cola isn't the problem, and neither is Coca. It's the corrupt that cause anything to be a vector for corruption, and not the other way around.



This is factually, demonstrably, not true. Money is simply a technology that makes commerce easier and more productive. Commerce is neither designed to enslave, even though commerce in slaves has existed almost since commerce has. These things have been perverted from their functional designs in order to enslave. The purpose of overlords is to enslave, and to do so they can use anything, everything, and do.

Thanks for your input but if understanding why ignorance is what monetarism will bank on - then yes servitude is embedded in monetarism - this trend is prevalent throughout history - the mere presence of money corrupts - I have had this debate so many times

If knowledge could spread evenly nobody would never profit of anything and this makes cooperation - as opposed to competition - preferable by far

Then we have the automation factor which will render most jobs meaningless and I am not even talking of AI here - this added to what I say above makes the case for a money-free society

(sorry but the dot and comma keys are not working and must buy a new keyboard)


"the mere presence of money corrupts"

This is false, and I am living proof. Because I am not corrupt, I am not corrupted by money. It's really that simple.

If you state that something is a universal fact, and one example that is an exception exists, your hypothesis that it is a universal fact is proved false. Money does not corrupt anyone. People who are corrupt reveal their corruption when money is involved. The latter has not been proved untrue, while the former is proved untrue because I am not corrupted by money.

Profit is not a monetary concept, despite that most folks consider it so. Most folks, having been indoctrinated from birth by oppressive governments, and incessantly propagandized even after public schooling, simply are entrained to conceive of things in this way. In ecology profit is a common mechanism that strongly informs understanding of why creatures do what they do. Profit is just as applicable in terms of nutrition, security, or breeding success as it is financially.

Underlying principles that are not proved false should be assumed true. Subsequent considerations should be based on these principles, and those that violate those principles are proved untrue. It is untrue that money, guns, or any technology is designed to enslave, and all statements derived from false statements are therefore untrue.

If you would speak only truth, establish principles that are not proved false, and only make statements that are based on true principles.



You are fighting a losing battle my friend. She refuses to see that money is simply a tool, like any other tool man has created. She bleats on endlessly about how terrible money is, on a money platform, while earning money.

She is so obviously a hypocrite.


Nonetheless, speaking truth is it's own reward.



Sorry you are corrupt somehow - and we all are - because our currencies are regulated by monopolies - most cryptos are in the hands of several major wall street players already - the population is too indebted to speculate on cryptos

Value is completely subjectivbe and the only way to have a steady value to have "a" monopoly on value otherwise trade would be impossible

Taking more out than what one puts in is another reason as why a for-profit system will forever remain a ponzi scheme while creating false scarcity and destroying the Life as a whole

Monetarism banks on ignorance and forever will - The level of knowledge regulates wealth - not working hard - but every now and then somebody wins at the casino - yes the illusion is working - everybody keeps following the money like a carrot and the stick

There is NOT one moment in history when we have had sound economics because it is a tool created to enslave in the first place - even during the time of the founding fathers - slavery has supported all financial system and the middle class funnels the money back to the top

I am speaking the truth - Money is not needed but cooperation and empathy - after all the goal of competition is to eliminate competion -- and this is extemely well documented

I am not going to respond further - this blog tells it all about the illusion called money


"Value is completely subjectivbe..."

This is true, and this is why monopolies cannot claim that ability you say is intrinsic to it. Each person subjectively values a thing, and it is markets that assign value in this way.

"everybody keeps following the money like a carrot and the stick..."

You don't know me, but you can look at my wallet, and you can read recent exchanges with @thoughts-in-time regarding value. You state you will not respond further, and this implies you will not read what I comment. This means you refuse to learn from what I post. Refusing to learn is defined as ignorance. You correctly state that knowledge regulates wealth, but you utterly fail to grasp that money is not wealth. It's a veil behind which wealth is concealed.

As long as you fail to gain knowledge, you will speak from ignorance. I have learned enough about money to largely eschew it in my life. It is not a goal. It can be a means to a goal, but it is fraught with dangers, and I have learned this the hard way.

You blog about money, but do not even know what it is.

'nuff said.

There are things We can do to solve for these problems...