Steampunk punk - the Cryptocurrency movement?

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A world stuck in the romanticism of Victorian era and industrial revolution. Full stop. Imagine this world.

Steampunk imagination inevitably leads you to thinking of London's Victorian muddy streets, dull Victorian clothing, murders, prisons and flying ships. Some award-winning games like Bioshock brought this world to life. 

 “A clockwork heart can't replace the real thing.” 

 “Soon our culture's oldest dreams will be made real. Even the thought of sending a kind of flying craft to the moon is no longer nothing more than a child's fantasy. At this moment in the cities below us, the first mechanical men are being constructed that will have the capability to pilot the ship on its maiden voyage. But no one has asked if this dream we've had for so long will lose its value once it's realized. What will happen when those mechanical men step out of their ship and onto the surface of this moon, which has served humanity for thousands of years as our principal icon of love and madness? When they touch their hands to the ground and perform their relentless analyses and find no measurable miracles, but a dead gray world of rocks and dust? When they discover that it was the strength of millions of boyhood daydreams that kept the moon aloft, and that without them that murdered world will fall, spiraling slowly down and crashing into the open sea?”
Dexter Palmer, The Dream of Perpetual Motion 

Steampunk steam

Although modern western society is far from the despotic social imperative of steampunk, we may find many of it's symptoms assembling in our present time. On one side there is governmental and corporative steam imposing their own rules of conduct on our everyday lives. For example: corporative steam is on it's highest power level since the beginning of corporative era and has enough financial, media and human resources to literally change our way of living overnight. Just like those loud annoucements in the Steampunk world, we are subjects to the same way of eating those annoucements in the form of corporative social media, broadcasting media et cetera.

 Steampunk philosophy could be characterized as “post-nihilistic,” in that it refuses to adhere to the dystopian vision of the future found in most current science fiction. Steampunk is unrepentantly optimistic, intentionally calling upon the past for the inspiration to build a better future, free ourselves of limiting inequities, and to make a place where each individual is empowered to explore their own creativity.  

This quote reminds me of nowadays marketing so badly. Every larger corporation is using their customer's ego and creativity in the advertising, thus making greater sells of their product, whether it is physical or psychological product. 

And guess what, it's working. 

Steam is everywhere arround us. Even the computer and smartphones we use to blog on Steemit are part of the steam.

But what about steampunks?

Steampunk punk - Crypto?

 The “Punk” aspect of Steampunk infuses a healthy dose of anti-authoritarianism, eschewing rigid definitions and limitations imposed by culture. 

Present day punk would be the anarchist movement, obviously. But anarchism has reached a level of being a "brand" rather than a serious political and anti-authoritarianistic movement. Second, but serious candidate for punk position in the modern-age steampunk society would be the Cryptocurrency movement. It is strongly denying many social rules and financing imperatives and it's on it's way to building it's own rebel stronghold on the very foundations of the modern Steampunk IT and civilization - the Internet. 

Crypto child - Steemit, is the very first fruit coming from the blockchain plantation. It's potential to reform the steampunk present society is so massive that thousands are joining the movement daily. 

 “A dagger is the noble weapon of Brutus. Everyone understands that tyrants fall to daggers. A bomb is a sordid modern device with many complex working parts. Only engineers understand bombs”
Bruce Sterling, The Parthenopean Scalpel 

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