We actually get to know a person who is close to us 100% (friend or partner)

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Hello friends on occasion, the person we have nearby is not really what we really believe since some person has the ease of pretending to be good person when in reality they are not for that reason knowing a person in its entirety is a bit possible.

On occasion, a person tends to show a glimpse of what it really is since it surprises us with unexpected behavior, both positive and negative, it has to disappoint us a little, at that moment we conclude that not all people are what really They appear to be.

We are all a part of a continent in which we are obliged to live together, we would like the idea that all those with whom we establish a meaningful link will always act as we want and hope.

If you really expect something from someone and this person does not disappoint you, you realize that he is a responsible friend and that he is very reliable and friendship can last a long time, it is true that friends will not always be there to help you with an emotional problem among others but you know that when it's near you can count on him.

When your friend can't help you, we have to understand that they also have a life of their own, they also have their personal problems, sometimes we get a wrong way of judging a person for not doing you a favor or helping you with something.

We need to change at some stage of our life. Why? Because we must do it.

This is a reason because we do not get to know a person well, because we have the facility to change our personality either to achieve a goal to move forward in life is not the same mentality that you have at 18 than at 25 years we We mature, we change our personality as time progresses, why? Because we are maturing our mentality.

Small conclusion

Our personality is changing as the years go by there is a person who changes his personality depending on how his social environment behaves only to adapt to it, as there are others who change his personality to take advantage of something that interests him.

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