Age, Race and Identity


Present-day society is so focused on stereotyping people on their age, race, gender, political affiliation, and these labels have never had much stock with me. There’s nothing more unappealing to me than identity politics and I've found people to often have gross misconceptions about who I am based on my age and race. Moreover, the nonconformity and vagueness of how many people define their political party or religious affiliations often cause more confusion than understanding, thus I'm uninterested in identifying with one.

Giving out your age allows people to stereotype you as opposed to getting to know who you are on your own merits. It's often a way of delegating an
individual into a category in your mind of who they
ought to be and what they're capable of based on the generalizations you have observed from others that fall into that category. The same applies to race, political alignments, religion, and other groups. People often mature at different rates and have completely different outlooks on life regardless of their race, age and unless you take the time to understand someone’s worldview, you're inclined to make false assumptions about their position.

There is a common experience within these categories and it can be appealing to feel connected to a tribe, or useful to make generalizations, however doing so is a poor way of gaining an accurate understanding of an individual's views, aspirations and what stage of their life they're in.

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