Beyond The Light and Dark Side of The Force


I’ve always thought of ‘The Force’ as a metaphor for spirituality. The idea of an all pervasive energy that permeates all life is a common theme within many cultures.

The Indians refer to this as Prana, the Japanese as Ki, The Chinese as Qi and in quantum physics it’s referred to as the unifying field. In Star War, the Jedi often speak about bringing the two sides of the force, The Dark Side and The Light Side, into balance. Does this mean there is a third dynamic? Is there more than just the light side vs the dark side?

The dark side represents passion, ego, strength with a focus on liberating yourself through power. In contrast, the light side represents knowledge, serenity, peace, harmony focusing on selflessness.

What’s interesting is in the Star Wars cannon, the first Jedi ‘The Prime’ Jedi, also known as ‘The Gray Jedi’, spoke of a balance between the Light and Dark side. They would endeavour not to fall too far into either camp.

I’ve always liked this dynamic as it represents an alchemical wedding between the masculine and the feminine principle.

In order to truly have balance, I believe one needs to use their emotions while not becoming a slave to them. To live a life or service to others while maintaining a healthy drive to achieve one’s own personal goals.

Both sides have value and when one brings these two energies into synthesis, one unleashes the true and purest state of ‘The Force’.

There is Passion, yet Peace

There is Serenity, Yet Emotion

There is Chaos, Yet Order

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