You Stand for Your True Self When You Stand for What's Right, Good and True


Supporting and standing for the truth in reality, for what's morally right, good and true, is paramount to the integrity of everyone who desires to live in alignment and equilibrium with reality and not in a fantasy of unreality. When you think of standing up for the truth or of what's really right in the world, you have to think of it as standing up for yourself, for the common goal of us all to live with truth in our lives as true selves. To live with a solid foundational support of truth to walk on in life, and not a faulty crumbling base of falsity.


Falsity and Unreality

If others believe falsity, it impacts us because those people accept a false reality, and live according to that unreality. This essentially bring false ways of living into reality and making it "unreal" even though it's real. Do you understand what I mean? It's real, but it's unreal compared to what should be. Falsity is accepted and created, which is a reality that should not exist but does, making it a false reality because it's based in falsity.

Maybe an example of the current reality that has unreality (falsity) in it would help to understand how this applies. We now have people being locked in cages for smoking a plant. The safest plant you could smoke that can't kill you. That is unsane, insane, and the sign of a lost and sick society.

"Human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it. But those who do will become well.
- Vernon Howard"

We have many falsities in reality, that are unreal yet are real, because we create that unrealness into reality. Before the power of consciousness to the degree humans posses, there wasn't much alteration of the physical world outside of natural causal laws and forces. But we have great power, and with that great power comes great responsibility.

I hope that it's understood what I mean when I refer to things in that are presently in the current condition of reality as falsity, untruth, unreality, wrong, etc. We know there are aspects of our way of life that are wrong. We know that certain actions people do are wrong as well.

When someone defames, misrepresents, or lies about us, we want to correct the error that this false image creates in the minds of others. Someone is creating an unreality about us for others to accept, believe in and live by. Others will believe the lie, and not like us, stop talking to us, etc. The truth is very important in life.

Deceivers can also introduce falsity and pretend to be misrepresented, defamed and lied about, simply denying any claims and acting as if they are the victim. Beware of this tactic when truth is presented to expose false behavior.

Walking Off the Path of Truth

Lies, falsity, wrong and incorrectness can lead people off the path of reality and truth, to instead walk in and live in partial unreality and untruth. We have an innate understanding of obvious forms of injustice. But when our consciousness is conditioned to accept many wrong ways as right, falsity as truth, evil as good, chaos as order, we can't discern what we are attached to believing is true.

If we can break that conditioning of all the influences that have made us accept false ways of living, then we can see the false ways, and stop engaging in them. Overall as a society, we all have to get on the same path, the right way, back onto reality and sanity.
When someone tries to harm us, we stand up for ourselves and defend ourselves. Someone is trying to tread on us. When reality and truth is being tread on, we can stand up for it as well.


Well, at least that is what we are supposed to do. To not be doormats for abuse and allow others to harm us. But in a world of immorality and amoral attitude, might tends to make right and so many people are left helpless. Strength in numbers allows the oppressed to stand up and fight against those who have strength based in deception, falsity or unreality to impose injustice on others.

Our Core Being Yearns for Truth

This also occurs when you care for truth and morality, and stand up for it. You are part of reality, existence, truth. Truth is at the core of everything, even ourselves. Consciousness is a word that means "with-knowledge". At our core, since we are born, we yearn to learn. But our conditioning into falsity seems to dampen that fire, that consciousness, that flame that is fueled by truth. We then deny and reject truth in our ignorant and apathetic state.

So our consciousness stagnates, gets restricted and constricted, and is in some unconscious modalities for ways of living, unaware of what is truly going on. Consciousness can be in a devolved state of awareness and strength. The fire is not burning strong. We can lack knowledge of ourselves, consciousness as not consciousness "with-knowledge" that really matters, but in an unconscious state where it has stopped learning and caring to walk the path and way towards more aspects of truth.

flickr/Omar Reyes, CC BY 2.0

Truth Fuels Evolution, Falsity Fuels Devolution

Dualities are frameworks to understand reality. Here are some general dualities that can help to symbolize the general path or direction we are walking towards in life, either knowingly with active will or ignorantly with passive conditioning.

Reality vs. Unreality
Truth vs. Falsity
Substance vs. Appearance
Authentic vs. InAuthentic
True Self vs. False Self
Right vs. Wrong
Evolution vs. Devolution

We are supposed to identify, associate and strive for reality and truth, not unreality and falsity. In recognizing how we are wrong, fooled, tricked, duped, connected, manipulated, controlled, etc. we can let go of the attachment to falsity, and can negate it through the process of apophasis or wei wu wei. This lets more truth in, into our actualization of how we live and who we are.

Why let falsity stand in ourselves, or in our lives? Something must be done. If not us, then who? If not me, if not you, then who? Who are we waiting for to do something?

Truth fuels our evolution in consciousness. Truth feeds our core being and enables us to grow and evolve internally. Increasing our harmony and equilibrium with reality is where our inner perception of reality (the map in our consciousness) is increasing in accuracy and representation of the outer reality (the territory in existence). Our subjective perceptions align with objective reality. Failure to do so, to fool ourselves or being fooled by others into a false understanding of reality, is to increase the entropic devolution of our ability to perceive, conceive, understanding and navigate reality correctly.

Made by @krnel

Defending Truth, Not Falling for Falsity

When core foundational principles of truth and morality are being violated, we should view it as a violation against ourselves, and stand up for it, to defend it. Truth doesn't defend itself with a voice or a body. If more people speak falsity, that pervades into reality to make an unreality and mockery of reality and truth.

Truth is a word symbol that represents everything that 'is', just as the words universe and reality do. We, as causal agents of reciprocity and pressure, must stand for truth by living, embodying, exemplifying, sharing, speaking, preaching, propagating, and defending truth.

People do not have the eyes to see what is going on in their lives it seems. They are blind to what they are actually living. We can help them see by speaking the truth of their ways and of our collective ways we are all participating in. Failure to do so, ensures that all that we recognize to be wrong, false, unreal, sick, etc., will continue to persist, and likely get worse. This is how we live in an unreality of falsity and not a reality of truth.

Things don't "magically" fix themselves when causal agents are creating those things (problems) that need to be fixed. Others have to also act as causal agents of pressure and change to get things to improve. As I have mentioned before, speaking truth and not allowing falsity to stand creates pressure, friction, tension, interferences, controversy and conflict in life.

That's the eternal battle of truth vs. falsity. Applying pressure against falsity allows change and acceptance of truth to propagate in it's place. This is the uncomfortable part of caring for truth and having to live it, exemplify it, and share it with others.

Uniting, integrating, harmonizing and aligning with reality/truth is an inherent natural part of how to succeed in reality. Yet, not caring for truth keeps us ignorant of how we are currently misaligned, disharmonized, disunited, disintegrated, conflicting, oppositional and contradictory with reality, existence, truth and morality. This prevents us each from aligning and uniting together based in greater truth being harmonized with.

If you want what is best for you, then it matters what you do, and what other people do around you. Cooperative social living works best and is most united and integrated when everyone is on the same grounding in reality and truth, and not living in or creating unrealities and falsity. Standing for truth and morality is standing for ourselves and others with a common goal to live in harmony.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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People's perception, as a by-product of several different influences, leads them to an alternative "truth" and feelings of morally good vs. bad. Take Anifa for instance, there aren't many, if any, of them that actually believe they are on the side of un-truth and moral societal decay. IMO they un-deniably are but "who are you to say", they would say. Echo-chambers and a biased media will only fuel this blurring of the lines. This is the globalist plan.

  ·  작년

Yes, that's why reality, demonstrable, and principles of truth and moral truth are important, yet foundations as these are not being used to propagate further behavior or acceptance of things. Building from principles and definitions. Problem is truth as a word is being destroyed, post-modernism and subjectivism have done well there.


Indeed you are correct. This is the plan! ;) (not my plan btw)

Uniting, integrating, harmonizing and aligning with reality/truth is an inherent natural part of how to succeed in reality.

Strongly agree with the message here.
Some of us are just so trapped in our own bad morals that it's hard to escape from and see the clear picture. It's only when you discover the truth do you find yourself on the right path.

  ·  작년

Yup, truth is underrated in our current society it seems. Things could really change if we strove to have truth.

If not us, then who?

I have said a variation of this for years.

Sadly, and part of why I rejected joining the light workers back when they were a thing was the acceptance that most prefer to have the falsity as it allows them excuse to cut corners and perhaps get ahead at their neighbors expense. In all my reading of history I have not encountered when it has not been this way, and for brief times there were beneficial rulers, pushing a just system that quickly died after they did.

  ·  작년

Yeah, some ppl can stand against the corruption, but many just want to "one up the jones" and climb above others...

Truth is freedom. When we are real we are true. When we are not real we forsake truth and embrace a deceptive falseness even to ourselves. One must embrace truth or be it's enemy. I choose truth. thanks @krnel

  ·  작년

Indeed, choosing truth makes you real. It's already in the words we use. To be real means to be true. Truth is what it comes down to.

With the last few decades of cultural marxist education , i.e. lies - many people can't even recognize the difference between realty and non reality.

The only way to fix tis problem is education at a young age.
Math, science, and the study of philosophy needs to be the core subjects at all schools.

Truth and reality will blossom from this...

(oh... and finally kill off marxism!)

  ·  작년

Yes philosophy is so non existent while even those other courses are taught. Psychology should be learned as well. Know thyself.

If we save truth it will save us, humanity.

“We laugh at sheep because sheep just follow the one in front. We humans have out-sheeped the sheep, because at least the sheep need a sheep dog to keep them in line. Humans keep each other in line. And they do it by ridiculing or condemning anyone who commits the crime, and that’s what it’s become, of being different.”
― David Icke

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I was with you right up to the "cooperative social living" part ;)

  ·  작년

Do you not cooperate with others to survive? Do you not live in a social setting with others to live? There ya go, simply words that describe how we exist as humans together.


As little as possible.

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  ·  작년

I like the Buddha quote
know it out of another context: You can only make two mistakes: Stop to early or never start.

Eu conheço muitas pessoas q vive na falsidade e que querem q essa falsidade seja realidade e acaba q para ela e real

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You're so on point with this post. Read and understand these words deeply and you begin to understand the causal factors of the human condition - Ourselves.

The thing about conditions is they can be changed. To change a condition that is caused by our state of being, we must change our state of being - this is the only way lasting results can be achieved.

The list of polarities we need to understand within our reality is really key here folks;

Reality vs. Unreality
Truth vs. Falsity
Substance vs. Appearance
Authentic vs. InAuthentic
True Self vs. False Self
Right vs. Wrong
Evolution vs. Devolution

...And if I may add: Objectivity vs. Subjectivity. We need to understand what we are subject to: The Laws of Nature, and what is subject to us: the conditions of our reality based within those laws. One of these laws is the law of polarity.

Thanks for the post @krnel! Please resteem everyone!