Unless you reach the bottom, you may never find out who you really are.

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The various storms one goes through their life are necessary to get the best out of them.

It is those moments that we feel weak and powerless to react since everything seems difficult and often vain.


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The truth is that life is unpredictable and not always in a positive way, because we do not choose either the pleasant nor the unpleasant things that will happen.

Undoubtedly, we may experience one or more events that will greatly affect our psychology.

The list is endless...

The loss of a loved one, the existence of a serious illness in our family or friends, any form of psychological violence we may have suffered, a great unfulfilled love, or a love that has come to an end and we feel dry both by energy and by emotions, the difficulty of finding a job and coping financially by the end of the month and much more can gradually lead us to total disappointment and frustration.

All these incidents, of course, are nothing but small occasions that simply overflow our glass of patience and mental resistance.

We humans have the bad habit of accumulating negative emotions inside of us for a long time, drowning sorrow, fear, loneliness and anger that overwhelms us, not talking about what hurts us and pointing out a fake mask of peace and tranquility.

And even in the simple, but so substantial question of “How are you? Is everything OK”? We often respond mechanically “Yes” even if we don’t feel it.

Until that moment “....

The moment where you feel you are suffocating and everything you picked up inside will finally come to the surface.

When this happens you have two choices. The first one is to shut yourself up, feeling and believing that no one can understand you, paralyze the very intensity of your feelings, assume that your life has lost its meaning and its bright colors.


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Those are the moments you lose faith in yourself, since the mental burdens that you have for a long time bend your defenses and do not allow you to see and think clearly. Sometimes ourselves can turn into the biggest liar, because in difficult times insecurity and personal controversy often dominate and blur our thinking and judgment.

At that point...

We can be led to the most erroneous conclusions. We may believe that we do not deserve to be well or that we are not capable of anything...

And even if your friends or family attempt to convince you otherwise, you are not willing to listen and above all to believe in yourself.

After all, self-confidence is built from our childhood with steady and slow steps, so its conquest requires patience and perseverance.

To give up, therefore, is and will always be the easiest solution. That's exactly why when you feel like you're down, you have to always follow the other alternative.


And this includes nothing more than choosing and accepting your own self, even if it means you have to be pressed and tired twice to get back to the surface again.


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Beware that this route, this climb, as difficult as it may be, will be the most valuable and liberating experience of your life.

That's because during your confrontation with yourself and your demons, you will discover treasures, beautiful and well-hidden aspects of the unexplored paths you did not even know existed...

And as soon as you appreciate and love your existence and uniqueness, the faster you will be able to get back to the light again.

Only this time you will be stronger and more grateful for what you are and more mature to realize that difficulties evolve a person, help you to review things that have real value in life, and to feel blessed and more optimistic, to continue with passion and positive thinking the magical paths of life.

And if the road is often inaccessible and an uphill, keep reminding yourself that the obstacles exist so we can overcome them and become better.

Besides, if you do not lose yourself a little, you may never know who you really are...

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Until next time...

Cheers @mindtrap

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We would be surprised of all the things we think we are, that have been imposed by various means, our economy, school, family and entertainment put a veil in front our eyes. Nothing as give the step to the cliff and encounter our true selfs!!
Best wishes, @Mindtrap! !trdo


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