The Cosmic Reshuffle



What looks like another round of random shuffling of cards is essentially what is needed to make the game continue and have all players stay engaged.

It may look like the universe is shuffling the cards anew but at the same time I can't help but see the sense of direction and purpose in how things, relationships and people's situations get changed and adapted as life unfolds... In self-identifying with any specific parts this change and adaptation might look scary or feel painful but really these feelings may just be the confirmation for the universe's broad apparent stance: That things need to move on and keep transforming by being brought together in novel and unexpected constellations precisely because we are holding on to them too much for the right reasons - because we want things to work out, we just can't see that we may not be able to navigate life half as well as the concert of it all could guide us. Hence the recurring confrontation with a new set of circumstances we find ourselves immersed in.

It's almost like a change in wind direction, suddenly making your ship unable to continue on the old course, only to have long factored in that a detour is precisely what will lead to the destination.

It's like we don't know the destination but somehow the great whole makes us steer ever closer to it.

It's an ever changing and adapting concert of players with their own suspicions and views about what is going on, while the cosmos takes the standpoint of a patient onlooker who ever so slightly directs the individuals and circumstances to get to the place they need to be. It's foresight if anything, but at the same time it leaves everything to the individual.

Life may decide for us, as in when we hurt our ankle or knee and suddenly may not be able to go about our week the way we originally intended to. But then we may find later in hindsight that this frustrating and initially demotivating break or detour was exactly what we needed to have things work out as a whole.

It's like an all conscious gamemaster, placing challenges, traps and monsters in a dungeon for the players to overcome but exactly to the degree that makes the story worth enjoying and playing through.

The days when I literally feel and witness the great whole "intervene" to such intense degrees of resteering I am awestruck and really excited. Not because I know what is next or what this new turn of events will mean for me and all my friends involved, but because there have been so many days of apparent non-events in the great cosmic scheme that it's exhilarating to see things progress and take on... a new sense of urgency, in tandem with this new sense of direction and purpose.

When constellations on the outside start to speak a language of clarity and when dear friends, loved ones and the actors on the immediate world stage get shoved a certain way I know something wants it to be so.

While we move back and forth from our individual identification and stories to a great flow state within the totality of life I feel these reshuffles will occur more often and more... forcefully within the coming years. Until we get it and find ourselves precisely where it is we wanted to be but could have never arrived at without all the detours and initially questionable hold ups the universe had thrown our way.


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