Good taste

2년 전

The man was very rich & that’s good ; ? Is he a man
of good taste ; well maybe lest go up to his castle & take a look at the paintings on the walls ; to my dismay ; they were garbage. Would you invest your
money in mediocre works ; well that’s the point . image
A great French writer Voltaire explains it so beautifully; try it & you will love it. Then money is only
a tool ; so how much do you need for your projects;
a few pounds a ton ; do you want to be a whale .
Say you want to build a Helium 3 mining Co. in the
Moon ; now you are going to need a few tons of cash ; so you lunch a Blockchain token & bingo ; the people love your idea & suddenly your toolbox is
full ; you sing Alleluia & what , well now you are a
Blue Whale & yes that’s good for the world. image
Blah blah blah ; do I invest in eco friendly Co.s or am
I just another shark ruining your ear drums & your lungs ; so as you can see whales come in different varieties. Pls enjoy your afternoon & image

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