Being "Woke AF" Can Lead To A Negative Outlook On Life. Is There An Antidote?

4년 전

Daily, I consume a large dose of alternative news sources on Steemit. I appreciate the information I get from these online journalists. As I think it is important to understand the forces that are trying to shape our reality.

Negative Conclusions:
They paint a very negative picture of a world largely dominated by government and corporate elites pursuing power, profit and geopolitical dominance. This can lead you to a negative and depressing outlook in your life, given the awareness you have of how our noble leaders behave. Obviously, this is not a good mental framework from which to embrace and prosper in your life.

Positive Antidote - Perception is Reality:
So that awareness doesn't lead to self defeating negativity I have decided to consume as least as much positive media as I do negative. This should underscore the necessity and benefit of being positive. With a positive outlook you will embrace life and be rewarded accordingly. By embracing life you are more likely to be a success and thereby not a burden on people but will actually be in a position to help others when help is required.

The following is an example of positive media that is an antidote to negative thought processes. Les Brown is the speaker in the video.

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That is awesome. You have to believe to achieve. Nothing that prepares you better than to have passion, desire, drive and will. That is a really great bit of listening. Thank you


Well said Pete :)

Hi Rob. I agree with what you are saying.If one has a positive outlook on life a bit of negativity doesn't change you or the way you think. A positive person thinks differently to someone is negative. You will see a way of fixing it whereas the negative person won't know where and how to fix it.


As people we tend to become what we think about. If we are constantly thinking about negative subject matter it will probably lead to you developing a negative personality. This will inevitably impact your life. in that, you may not embrace life and everything it has to offer. Which will be a real shame.

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