If Only There Was an Owner's Manual for this Mind/Body Device that We are Operating Here

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This mind/body complex that we find ourselves inhabiting-- it's time to figure out how this thing works.

When seeking knowledge about ourselves, we will invariably discover that both Science and Religion seem to skipping over some crucial parts of our existence here. It seems that the official description of a human being will always leave out the consciousness part of the human equation, deliberately avoiding any talk of true spirituality as a matter of course.

Management of the Group Mind

The Church/Science complex-- incessantly seeking to manage the human mind-- is obliged to refuse to publicly acknowledge any of the strange non-physical phenomena in the world, the weird stuff that everyone has experienced in one way or another in their lives. Truly, the officials in nearly every field of learning seem to be a little dishonest or ill-informed, but what would they be hiding?

There's more going on here than we are being told, and we all know it. But lo, a 'New Age Movement' was therefore created to further occult the knowledge of ourselves once again. Many of the so-called New Age teachings are intentionally designed to confuse and frustrate those who are naturally curious about the way the world works, thus keeping a profound and inquisitive human impulse from becoming accepted by the overall society. It has been through such obfuscation and deceit that we are now left with little knowledge about how our existence here actually works.

No Instructions Included

Without an honest owner's manual, or a handbook for these Mind/Body devices that we're all clunking around in here, we're forced to look inside of ourselves, to reverse engineer the apparent conduit of consciousness that we may have found ourselves operating.

Without the instructions, we could also turn and look outside of ourselves and into nature, and when we look at the ways that mother nature creates things, we can see more than a few elements that could correspond with the way our minds and bodies are related. We might first notice that there's a lot of sex going on out there in the wild. We may not talk about it much, but we notice. Let's talk about it for a minute, because it seems to be a good way to describe our own minds.

After all, how did Mother Nature become a mother?

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 3.58.20 PM.png

the compass draws circles and curves (feminine) while the square draws straight lines (masculine)

Alchemical Wedding Ceremonies and the Inevitable Copulation

This could explain why there's no reliable owner's manual for our existence here; it's going to be about sex.

It's interesting that we are often too embarrassed to address the fact that practically all the animals are doing it all the time, and even the plants are blowing kisses to one another all around us in plain sight, getting their seeds and eggs all over everything. That's how creation apparently works, so as creators, we might need to get real with ourselves, and then compare the procreative forces of nature to our own being.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 4.04.43 PM.png

If the human mind can be somehow compared to the mating habits within the animal kingdom, then a glance at the instruction manual for the human mind/body gismo might simply show that there are three basic elements which create stuff; there's a feminine quality of mind, and there's a masculine quality, and when the two are wed in that pine chapel in the middle of our skulls, the two elements might then willfully agree to a third thing, a corresponding physical action, creating life and all that it entails.

This wedding ceremony is never ending, and the 'consummation' of that marriage (sex) is always going on in our heads. Merging and passionately centering the left and right hemisphere's of the brain which excites glands into chemical frenzies throughout an electromagnetic heart's warm glow, the offspring of that moment of ecstasy is what we see in the mirror of the world. This is actually that moment. It's us, now. What we have created, THIS IS IT.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 4.11.10 PM.png

Perhaps such an alchemical wedding in the center of your own head is not your thing. Certainly a masculine figure inside our heads putting forth all kinds of ideas-- always with one thing on it's mind-- that notion may not be comfortable for some. Then there's the feminine side-- caring, nurturing, artful and receptive, and perhaps even willing to procreate-- always handy, right there in your head. Put those two together in the dark, and we all know where that's heading.

Goal, Purpose, and Activity.

So that the process of creation can possibly be more logically described, let's look at a more sensible way to describe those three components which so naturally make all things in the world around us. We, the modern humans, can ignore the humping-- the ongoing consummation or that noisy fertile coupling and it's invariable potency in the creation of our world-- and instead we can perhaps more easily describe our powers through these three basic elements as: Goal- Purpose- Activity.

  • Goal. In the deepest parts of our minds, a goal will simply be described as a recurring thought-- or collection of thoughts-- that are presumably what the thinker would be planning to achieve, or to create in the physical realm.

  • Purpose. The purpose would be the reason for having that goal, and as an equal component of the two, our purpose gives our goals a reason to exist. The purpose is the underlying cause, and is 'why' the goal is there at all.

  • Activity. This third thing, the activity, is the effort, the labor, and the time spent in the physical world, doing the act-ual things that will invariably precipitate change. It is our actions that matter. Activity is something that involves using our will to physically combine our purpose and our goal, creating effects in the physical world.

So we have the left hemisphere of the brain, the male aspect, initiating goals and calculating their outcomes. The right hemisphere, the female aspect of mind, artfully enables those ideas with emotional fuel and incessant care, and then we use our will and our physical actions to 'give birth' to the thoughts that have been so naturally incubated and nurtured in there.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 4.16.37 PM.png

Mirror World

These emotionally charged thoughts compel our bodies into corresponding activities in perpetual flow, and the result of this interaction show up as our experience in the physical world. When we are conscious of this process we can intentionally align our thoughts, emotions and actions, and when the three are in agreement, that is when we are taking full advantage of our creative potential. Meanwhile, our thoughts are flitting out of our heads constantly, and while many of these random thoughts will end up on the wayside to wither on the shoulders of our path, some of them are accidentally nourished with emotion and repetition. Whether we meant to do it or not, these cultured seeds of thought are going to sprout and flourish, becoming part of our physical world.

Fear or Excitement- You Choose Which Fuel to Use

Excitement can be felt in the body, like an electrical pulse climbing from our hips up into the torso, and this charge is what gives a thought authenticity and power. Likewise, the feeling of fear can be felt in the gut, radiating up into our hearts and serving as the blueprints for the world that will be created, and the spark that ignites change in the physical realm. As conscious beings, we are always in command over which of these emotions dominates our field, which wolves will be fed, and what physical manifestations will become our reality.

The intimate union that takes place in the dark behind our eyes is nature's way of populating the world with new creations, and the humping and grinding never stops in there. As humans, we find ourselves in charge of this copulation, and we insist that the lovers in our heads go forth and multiply by using our attention and emotions as an aphrodisiac, encouraging the procreation that our minds are taking part in.

Be careful what you wish for, but then be extra careful which wishes get fueled with emotion, chemistry and electricity.

When our ideas are different from our emotions and our actions, then our offspring might not be what we thought we had in mind. It's when our activities are in unison with our thoughts and emotions that we become the conscious creators that we were born to be.

all images above thanks to Wikimedia Commons


thanks for looking in!

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After all, how did Mother Nature become a mother?

So where is the Father Nature?

I don't know what's the origin of "Mother Nature".

But all things are things created with purpose and maybe for the common good.

And all things will be in peace as their final end.

Thanks for sharing your post!
I wish you all the best in your journey!


That's a good question! I also don't know the origin of the term Mother Nature, or who the father is in this ongoing creation. I think I know the goal and purpose of humanity though; to bring consciousness into the physical world, with all of its male and female qualities combined into one.


Oh yeah.
We can think and know on our own limitation.
We would never could think and know fully.

Hi therealpaul,

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The sacred secretion is electric and worth exploring. Our thoughts are very powerful as they shape the short films we are all constantly directing. Always enjoy reading your thoughts........


It is good to remember that we are the directors instead of just actors here in this production.

It's when our activities are in unison with our thoughts and emotions that we become the conscious creators that we were born to be.

I agree. We can see this in unwanted children/relationship cases. We can all be creators of people and things, but consciousness or, more importantly, harmony with that creation comes with the alignment of the 3 elements you mention.
I found it interesting that you mention nature and the amount of sex that happens in it as a mirror we should look at and how ourunwillingness or inability to deal with sex in natural ways may be one of our major problems. I wonder if anyone has even conducted a serious experiment with a community of humans conducting themselves and their future offsprings in more natural ways, without the social conventions and constraints that make our dealing with sexuality such a complicated matter.


Hey hlezama, thanks for commenting. It would be interesting to see what would happen to humanity without all the interference that goes on. I have a feeling things were different before religions came along and skewed our understanding of ourselves and nature.

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Don’t you think it is nice to be part of something? Nice article 👍👏


It is nice, while also a huge responsibility for us all to be right in the center of that something- I need practice!

Howie and I have been having a lot of discussions these past few weeks about much of what you're talking about in this post. We're coming to a T in the road as we get replaced as grapevine suppliers by machinery, looking at it as an opportunity to hone our conscious creating skills- instead of turning left or right we're going straight through that wall of illusion ahead :)

Did you have fun on your trip?

Heading to SC to stay with Zoe and Josh for the next ten days, but I'll have my laptop so I'll still be posting- hopefully one of those posts will be of Zoe and I sky diving :)


I'm thanking the grapevine machines in advance for giving you the opportunity to exceed in human nature and to further navigate freely in creation.

The best part of traveling lately was simply being on the open road with the wind, but otherwise the trip was just some out-of-town work that took a few more days than planned. Listened to a bunch of Free Zone podcasts for my esoteric conspiracy fix on the road, and watched 'mud flood' videos at night for the most part. This mud flood mystery is tripping me out; I can't solve it so I keep looking at old photos and drawings trying to figure out what is up with our history and thus our current reality. Mind bending stuff, I don't even know what to say about it yet!

I'm glad you get to see the kid(s), sounds like a fun time. I was thinking it was too cold to skydive, but I guess it's always cold 'up there' anyway, and is probably the least thing on one's mind when thinking of getting on a little plane, going into the sky and then jumping out of it.


Hey there, is everything okay? I got home a couple days ago, settling back in. Had a great time with the kiddos, though the sky diving fell through unfortunately, wasn't meant to be this time around.


Hey yes all is fine! I didn't mean to vanish, it's multiple springtime distractions going on lately, and I decided to build a couple of columns and install a bookcase between them against this mirrored wall here. So, everything is in disarray until I can finish the finish (venetian plaster) on the columns and put things back together.

Oh bummer about the sky-diving, another time then. Also, maybe some warmer weather will make it even more pleasant when you're coming down so quickly from the sky.


Understood! Sounds awesome, look forward to seeing pics!

The beginning is always today. And now you guys have to figure things your selves and as you do please jot them down so others can use it when you are not around.
I really enjoyed reading your blog and I must say you nailed it. Keep it up

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Don't know if I've got it figured out yet, but I'm jotting down what I've got, and saving it to the blockchain forever!


That's really great to to hear that, who knows, I might be the next person to use them.... Lol

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Meditation has helped me in similar ways, and the very word med-itation suggests a centering, finding and being the middle. It's calm in the middle, sort of like staying on the grassy green median while emotions and mental traffic are confined to the busy roads on both sides.


Yeah, I use a mantra. And repeating it creates focused thought. And you get this little buzz in your pineal gland. September will be 10 years. And everyone I know noticed I was a lot different within 2 weeks of practicing it. I used to have such a short fuse. Now, I am considered one of the most calm and cool people in my circle of friends. But, I also have supercharged my creativity. And well, sometimes I act like I'm 12.

This is really interesting. I have never heard the way our minds work explained in such a way (masculine and feminine aspects applied to different hemispheres and behaviors and unitity and copulation and all that) that's pretty cool. I really like your last paragraph. It not only sums everything up nicely but it's quite powerful of a statement

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I learned a lot of this male/female model of mind from @markpassio, a researcher who goes into great detail about it. These are apparently some of the original teachings of freemasonry, as a way to balance the mind and spirit into one functioning being.


Sounds Interesting. I'll have to check them out.

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A couple of years ago I downloaded Mark Passio's podcasts to my phone, and ended up listening to the entire series while I was working and driving. He says that he is "de-occulting" the hidden knowledge which would free humanity, and goes deep into the psychology that is used to keep the stuff hidden. whatonearthishappening.com is his site.

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