On truth, and the reason why not everyone is ready for it

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There is a phrase that says that "both good and evil cause death when it is sudden and excessive." We must be prepared to experience what we are going to experience, because when we don't, when something comes completely out of nowhere and suddenly, it knocks us down in one fell swoop. It is like that old maxim that says that nothing in nature works in jumps, everything is a gradual process, nothing works through sudden changes from one moment to another, because nothing is prepared to experience such changes. It is as if a weight of one hundred or more kilograms were suddenly thrown at you, it would probably hit you and it would hurt, but if you prepare for that and load light weights first, and you increase the weight that you can lift little by little until you reach one similar amount, then it would no longer hurt but you could grab and hold that weight without major problem, it would even do you some good, because you would get a little stronger with it, and thus, something that was initially bad, becomes good, because the evil that does not harm you strengthens you. It all comes down to whether we are prepared to experience what we experience.

I say this to show that even good things, like the truth, can hurt us if we are not prepared for them. This is not because good is bad, because that is impossible, but because we are not perfect and in us there is not only pure good, but there is evil and good combined, for which good repels and damages the evil part in us. An example would be that, for someone who is unjust, justice would probably bring him personal harm in the short term, because it would make him pay for his injustices. Although justice is a good thing, it hurts him because he remains in evil. A person has to gradually become righteous so that he begins to seek justice as something desirable. He has to prepare first. But too much and sudden justice would do this person more harm than good.

In the same way, not all of us are prepared to know the truth, many of us have a lot of false beliefs, a lot of pretended knowledge, and sometimes we may even have built our whole lives on lies and falsehoods until the point of being completely immersed in delusion and even becoming attached and identified with these things until they become almost extensions of us. In that case, we will place psychological blocks on the truth and we will come to fear it, because the truth will cause us pain, because the truth will collapse our entire world and destroy everything we believe, because the truth will demand changes. If we are so attached to falsehood, the truth will cause us harm. And if when we find ourselves in this state a situation arises in which we must face the truth suddenly, then the impact will be so great on us that we will not accept it, because we will be in a state of denial of reality, and it will simply be very painful and it will cause us much suffering to accept the truth. That is why I believe that the path to the truth is a process, no one will discover the truth about anything in a day, and it is not good that one does. It takes a lot of time.

I have learned that it is best to let each person walk their way to the truth at their own pace, without trying to convince anyone that they are in what (I think) is false, and that they have to adopt which (I think) is true, because even if I'm right, the way to get to know that is a process, and I can't just wait for them to go from a state of total ignorance to a state of absolute knowledge, that's not gonna happen. It doesn't matter how rational my arguments may be. Most likely, the other person will react emotionally, because, well, we are human, and they will reject whatever you say to them. It's a bit like the allegory of the cave, where they will mock you first, and if it's too painful for them, they will even try to hurt you.

This shows how futile it is to try to convince someone to believe something they are not prepared to believe for, it is a waste of time, and it causes more harm than good, even when it is something noble as the truth. It is best to let everyone go their own way, and find the truth in their own time.

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