Some thoughts on good and evil

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When it comes to morality, one thing I've come to realize is that there is nothing that is inherently good or inherently evil. People always have this discussion about whether the human is good or evil by nature, I think neither of the two, if the human was good, he could not do evil, but he does, and if he was evil, he could not do good, but he also does it, therefore, the human is not inherently good or evil, but has in his nature the seed of good and evil and can do both, it is in him to decide what is the right thing to do. He decides which wolf to feed, as they say. In the same way, there is no action that by itself is inherently good or evil, but it always depends on the circumstances in which said action was done which causes it to be good or evil, you cannot isolate an action from the circumstances that surround them and judge it by itself, the action you do is related to its environment and therefore it is an undifferentiated one with it, because what determines whether an action is good or not is that it was done at the right time. Something can be good now, if the moment is right, and bad later, when it is no longer so, good here, and bad there, good sometimes, and bad other times, because ultimately it is the circumstances that are going to decide whether or not it was the right action.

It's like killing someone, now, many people tend to agree that this is inherently evil and should never be done. But let's look at the circumstances now, there are occasions when killing someone is not morally wrong, such as in cases of personal defense, when a person is a direct threat to your life or the lives of others, on these occasions, it is possible that killing him, if it is the only option and it is strictly necessary, is not a bad thing, this action, under these exact circumstances, may not be morally reprehensible, because, again, you cannot isolate an action from its environment and judge it as something separate, because in reality, it is not something separate.

Although I'm not trying to justify anything, I'm just saying that we can't take things out of context, it's not as easy as saying "doing X is always and one hundred percent evil" or "doing Y is always and one hundred percent good", because it is not like that, reality is a little more complex and it is up to us to have the intelligence necessary to discern between what is good and what is evil to do, not universally, but at this moment, in these conditions, under these circumstances. We must move from the knowledge of the universal and the theoretical, and turn it into the knowledge of the particular and the practical, the knowledge that is useful to us when acting, because only by doing that will we be able to know if what we are doing is the right thing or not.

In the end, when it comes to moral issues, there is no predefined answer that we can turn to, there is no previously processed thought ready for us to digest, because every situation is different, we have to think for ourselves and see what applies to the precise circumstances we are living in, only then can we do good.

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