Some thoughts on reality (and falsehood)

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I was thinking about how falsehood is actually a human invention, because, if you look at objective reality, there is no falsehood, the world is one way, and that's the truth. There is no such thing as an objective falsehood. Falsehood is an illusion created by our senses, by the human's own subjectivity that leads him to believe that something is in a way that it really is not, and thus falsehood originates. Therefore, falsehood is a human invention, a simple error in our perception. There is no falsehood outside of human. Without human there is no falsehood. However, even though the falsehood is not real, it is capable of generating very real effects. Something false, such as a lie, can have a significant impact on reality and change it. Now I can think of the example of a man who has his partner hospitalized and receives a phone call informing him that she has died. The man cries, is saddened, and falls into depression, however, then they call him back and tell him that she is alive. So this man had a very real reaction, even though it originated from a lie, he believed in something false and made it real, he acted as if that was true, and made it true for him, even when it was not objectively true.

The human has the power to make the false become real, when he acts as if the false were true, because in that way he makes what is false have real consequences in the world. You can live deceived, making the falsehood make sense to you, and generate real changes in your behaviour, and in who you are, simply because you are clinging to something that is not true. In this sense, falsehood is a prison in which we are locked up and from which we have to get out in order to live and see the world as it really is. Reality is not that, reality as it is is free from falsehood because falsehood is a human invention.

This makes me think that the human does not perform his actions based on reality, the human performs his actions based on what he believes to be reality, therefore, he acts based on his beliefs. This is contrary to what determinists say, for example, that the human has no real will and lives reacting to the outside world, which is not true, because the human does not react to reality, most of the time the human does not react directly to the outside world, the human acts and feels, not according to facts, but according to beliefs, according to what his own thoughts tell him to be reality. We react according to our own thoughts, and this is where the true reality in which we live and in which we move hides, because this is where beliefs are found and this is where knowledge is found, it is here where it is determined what is true and what is false, what is a lie, and what is reality, and it is to the latter, to a concept of reality created by our mind, that we finally react.

In the end, I think that living in the real reality, and seeing things as they really are, is truly a privilege that very few can enjoy, something that only those who are committed to seeking the truth and becoming aware of their own ignorance can dream of reaching.

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