To be or to have

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Something that I've come to realize is that the so-called ideas, you know, the good, the justice, the freedom, the wisdom, and the like, are things that we can never have, they are things that we inevitably have to be. We cannot have good, we must be good, or be just, etc. Sometimes it is said that we have freedom, and not that we are free, but we cannot have freedom, because having something implies not being so. You cannot be what you have, you cannot have what you are. What you have is always borrowed, you took it at some point and at any moment it can be taken away from you, it is not really yours, and freedom, nobody can take away your freedom, they can even kill you, but nobody can take it away. Because it is something that you are. So in life we can seek to have something, or we can also seek to be something. We can focus on ourselves, dedicating our time to know ourselves, to become better people, to perfect ourselves until we reach virtue, to make ourselves truly good, truly free, truly just, truly wise, etc. That way we invest in what no one can take from us, and which will always be with us.

There are also people who value having things more to the point of being able to do anything to get them. People who live off evil are of this type. Plato said that it was better to suffer evil than to do it, because by doing evil you were damaging the most valuable thing in you, your soul. Even if you don't believe in souls, this approach makes sense, because by doing evil we consent to making ourselves worse in exchange for something else. We harm ourselves by becoming more evil, more unjust, more corrupt, to have things that will never be ours. It all depends on what you value more, yourself, or anything else.

I believe that all those who do evil do it because they believe that in some way it is good to do evil, that evil will bring them something good, like "you can lie, without hurting anyone, to get this job, and that would be good," but it's a mistake, you do hurt someone, yourself. And if you think that's okay, it's because lying is already so normalized that we don't really see it as something that bad, because part of the damage has already been done, because we live in lies, and to improve ourselves at this point and see the magnitude of the damage will be necessary to stop lying completely and begin to realize it. You can't complain about other people lying (politicians, etc.) when you do the same. And for that it is necessary to work on ourselves, the truth is that many lose focus, becoming trapped in the outside noise without listening to the voice of reason that says that we must focus on ourselves, and who we are to grow. That's the only way.

In the turmoil of life we have learned that we must give our attention to what is outside, because everything that happens, happens there. Ignorant have we been that the path to truth, and to all good and true things, begins within us.

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What you have is always borrowed, you took it at some point and at any moment it can be taken away from you,

We own our time, it is not borrowed, nor can be taken...just sayin'
It's all we have/own.


Yeah, but what is time really? It's just the quantification of the change. What it means to grow old is that we change, that we go from being one way (young) to being another (old), therefore, time as change is not something we have, but something we are.


Also, if they kill you, they take your time. If that's what you mean. Although they are only taking away what you never had, because the time they would be taking from you is the time you did not live, therefore, it was never yours.

That is why I say that time is really only change, time is not a second elapsed in a clock, but is the change that occurs in you in that second, and that change is something that you are, and that no one can take away from you.