WARNING - Phishing Scams are Back!

2년 전

If you receive a comment or otherwise message with a link in it, DO NOT click the link.

The link is not a real Steemit link and will take you to a website that is designed to steal your information.

Yesterday @johngreenfield posted a warning about the pictured @soniia account. This account was also discovered by @noctisk who posted a warning in Korean.

Another user, @the-reaper, found a different account with a similar tactic.

Mouse over all links and examine them carefully prior to clicking.

Private Posting Key

Using your private posting key instead of your password will keep your account safe. It will ensure that even should someone get your key, they will not be able to take your money or lock you out of your account.

To get your private posting key go to Wallet --> Permissions --> Show Private Key (the key will be revealed)

Recover Your Account

If your account has been compromised and you can no longer log in with your password, you will need to recover the account immediately. Fill out the following form and wait for the Steemit Inc team to do their magic: (may take up to 24 hours)


See a Phishing Account?

Report it to @steemcleaners and other community members at https://steemit.chat/channel/steemitabuse and we will flag the account to hide its comments.

Like what we're doing? Support us as a Witness.
Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses
At the bottom, type in guiltyparties
Click VOTE

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My account is now recovered from phishing attack, my reputation now is zero :(:(:(


Thanks for letting me know, I'll help you get restored.

Come message me on Steemit.chat ........ https://steem.chat/direct/guiltyparties


I am waiting for registration on steemit chat, see you soon


You can also get me on Discord here https://discord.gg/JHdEhy

Excellent heads up! Great reminder as we all like to explore. This can get us into the thick of it at times. Thanks so much!

A good reminder for the Steemit user...I think not all of it are the link to hell some just want to promote other post on related articles but I hope you tell more how it was exactly the link with phising Scams more details on it will be much appreciate and what will happen after or symptom that can ruin the other Steemit user.. Thanks


In this case it's best to just avoid links, especially since a lot of users are using Steemit and related frontends on their phones. The lack of following positive links like other posts is a loss that's worth it, considering that an account that falls for the malicious link will have a hard time recovering and will lose all its mobile funds.

The way these phishing links work is they typically make it look like the user logged out and then ask to log back in. Once you do, they've got the account. If it's a password, they change it and steal all the money. If its just the posting key they'll use it to post other comments to get more victims.

COOL, already a double Witness Voter ;)
Thanks GP! GO GAMMA (#thealliance)

Thank you for this info, I am resteeming for my friends too!
One can never be too careful..

Your writing is very good & also thanks for sharing....


Read it. It's actually important.


Nice post.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks for the heads up! Resteeming for others to read.

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the heads up resteeming...

Thank you for this, I have yet to get a comment with a link but I will now think twice about it. I apparently also need to do some more research on the different keys... so much to learn!

  ·  2년 전

Resteemed to help get the word out.

Muchas gracias por la información.
Hay que estar alerta a todo.

Thank you guys for the heads up! As a new user, I probably wouldn't have known any better and would have clicked through the links!

WOW! So much to learn, I feel like my part of the learning curve turned to dust years ago! A huge thanks to you and everyone who watches out for and helps everyone here, I hope to be qualified to do that some year!

Thank you for this. Its sad that some people would do something like this instead of just working honestly. 😕

Thank you so much for this. I hope Steemit does something quick about this, because these links got really, really annoying on YouTube. The last thing I want is for Steem to be known for a bunch of spam and scam links.


Steemit Inc, no matter what they do, have very limited recourse due to the nature of the blockchain unfortunately.

Thank you for this reminder. With Steemit growing and all the newbies, there will only be more. It is up to each and every one of us to keep our accounts safe.

You know who said "Oh, it'll never happen to me"? The last guy that got scammed...

Resteemed for visibility :)


Pretty much. Its always someone else's problem until its theirs.

what the!
why the hell they do stuff like these?
by the way thank you for sharing sir


They want to steal whatever they can out of wallets. They don't care if its the person's only investment or savings.

voted! thanks for the warning info

Thank you for this warning. I have been phished and this is one of the most unpleasant experiences ! This should get more views - resteemed :)

Your writing is very excllent. steemit Inc team to do their msgic.it's a good post. Thank's for the share.

Thanks a lot for the advice!!

resteemed as a PSA.

this post is very useful for us. dear guiltyparties thanks for share

This was really helpful.. thanks for this..

We must be ever so vigilant to protect our treasure

Here we go. Hear about this alot last days. But steem accounts have a value, so it's been just a matter of time till the scams do rising too.

I sometimes link stuff. I think its pretty obvious that the link isnt going to steemit. People need to be smarter about reading links. Not all links are harmful. Also if you are already signed in then you shoukdnt need your active key

Thanks for the heads up! To clarify — do you mean we should always be logged in using our private posting key instead of primary key?


Its good practice to always use the private posting key.


Many thanks — I had no idea. Will do so from now on... 🙏🏼

Hello. Is this guy legit: @gtg.witnesses (the witness I voted for has only gtg in their username) . He is sending out many 0.001 sbd-s with steemit-reward links.