BEWARE!!!!!! BLOCK warrentto and http://promo1dollar.g

3년 전

Please block warrentto the account of cyber criminal who will steel all your money and will change the password of your account so that you will not be able to access your own account further if you sign up in http://promo1dollar.g

These are the cyber criminals and yesterday they fooled me. They stole my 9.051 SBD and change the password of my account so that I can not use my own account further. Later I recovered my account with the help of steemit team but my money is gone.

Guys be careful. The account warrentto has stole man people's money and steem.

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@panknil , I will Terminate them and have terminated a Few Phishers Accounts.

List of Phishers Accounts - K O if I catches them - click to read


thanks.. Is the any possibilities to get the money back?? I know it was my fault though...


Kiss it Goodbye !
The Criminals already got it.