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It seems that I'm currently attracting Scammers - but I'll take it as long as I can protect my fellow Steemains.

So I've received the following transfer-message from @marvels in which I was getting told that I should download a Steemit App from the googleplay-store.

Screenshot from Steem Messenger

As soon as I saw the message I noticed a few red flags.

Red Flags

1.) Broken English
2.) 20 SP (~60 USD) for a login?
3.) The id: com.steemit.dtubee
4.) The App itself - 4 reviews. 100% all fake.

Phishing Attempt

I'm 100% sure that whoever created the app, send the transfer and wrote the fake reviews is trying to get your keys.

That means: Don't install the app or you'll lose your keys!

If you have an android phone - please report/flag the app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steemit.dtubee) to have it removed from the store!

Additionally, please share this post to warn your fellow Steemians!

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Thanks so much for the heads up!

Thanks for this useful information

thx for this message, resteemed.

thanks for the info

Thanks @therealwold for sharing this important info and raising caution to this phishing attempt.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Resteemed.

Thanks for the heads up! Upvoted!!

Self promoting here: Partiko is a fast and beautiful Steem app, download the Android version here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.partiko.android and join the iOS beta testing program here https://steemit.com/partiko/@partiko/announcing-the-partiko-ios-beta-testing-program .

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A brave bit of promotion here in light of the above message but I like your style! :D

The wolfie to the rescue. Resteeming this for awareness.

Thank you very much @therealwolf , I am happy that you find and talk about these types of scams. I can imagine a lot of people are looking for a good Android/IOS app for steemit.

I regularly check the play store for such a app. You probably saved me a lot of headache.

Upvoted and resteemed.


Partiko is good one, check it out.


Agreed. But still a beta version, too many "time out" and delays.


Hey @clockwork777, thanks for your feedback! We're improving the speed everyday and will have some exciting announcement soon! Stay tuned!

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Yep, I'm always waiting for the update


You can also try Steemia 😏We are improving each day to give the user a robust user experience 👏. In addition, we listen to the community and features that they want are developed for them :D.

You can download our app by the following link of searching for Steemia in Google Play 😎



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@taaveti I support with you, and thank you @therealwolf you are real good man


Hello World!


Hi @steemia-io Hello World!!

We are growing.


Glad to hear this :D

Thank you for warning the community.

This won't be the last app that tries to something like this.

I wonder what steps Steemit could take that would be preventative.


If Steemit would have an official mobile app this phishing attempts would have less chance to succeed.

hank you @therealwolf for your kind information

I have sent a takedown request on https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/contact/takedown (removed the hyperlink so you know where the URL goes) you can use that to report any other malicious apps on the play store. Hopefully the app gets taken off!

EDIT: I Upvoted this comment so people can see the takedown request URL

Thank you @therealwolf for your kind information. this information save our community.

Yes. 20 SP for only Login is quite high.

hello why iam black list on smart steem?

Thanks for the heads-up!

A couple of weeks back, I had written about some other apps like this. Can you comment on their veracity?

Crap Mobile Apps For Steeming

thank you for telling this to us

I have noticed lately that when logging into Smartsteem, Steemit and other sites, that Steemconnect dialogue box logs me in automatically without requesting my long password. Maybe this has opened the way for some password phishing going on?


No, I don't think so. I guess it just remembers user logins like Facebook.

Just to be on safe side always use posting/active key (whichever necessary) instead of master password.


Hi thanks! On Busy or Steemit? I am not sure Steemit accepts anything but your password to login?


On busy. You can use keys on any steemit related apps.

Hi @therealwolf

First of all a great thanks for helping steemians from not being scammed.

And we would like to ask you to download our steem front-end android application Supersteemian from Google Play Store.

Also go through our Privacy Policy

Review the app and give your valuable feedback and if possible please make a post of your review and feedback.

The app is in beta phase and we are working on so many new features and extra rewards for our users.

Thanking you in advance.


thanks for this useful information

Hi, very good information to prevent the fake app in play store . I appreciate you for save us from scams. God bless u.

It's really tragic. All of us must refrain from these deceivers. Thanks, @therealwolf for sharing this important information. I will surely inform my friends about this and I think I should resteem this post so that more people can see this. I will also share this post in our Discord. .

Thanks Again Sir @therealwolf

Wow great thought to sharing with steemians about fake steemit.beta @fastpromoter

Thank you for warning us. I like you for your good beneficial post. Hope this will be with us. Upvoted :) Rizve Ahmed

Thanks a lot for help post

Thanks for warning! You're great! :)

Hey @therealwolf Thanks for the warning. I currently don't have it loaded but will be looking for steemit imposter app when I need it again. Cheers!

But is eSteem safe ?


Yes, of course!

Omg ! Bad people everywhere . Thank you for the warning . 😊😊😊

Thanks for this information. So many bad guys are on the road.

Thanks for the info. Gonna go flag it right now.

@therealwolf thanks for sharing this information. this is really disgusting. Who the hell did this and how Google allowed this app published. Sad. I will spread this warning around the Koream community asap.

Thx for the Warning

Thank you for the report! We start a new series today with Steemit relevant "Best Of & News" and will use your informations in our news later today. We will bring it under the hashtag #stmcnews.

For sure you get your mention and link and all this. We will "just" bring a small introductions in our news and the people can read the whole story in your article.

I just want to inform you, say "thank you" and send some greetings.

You know you are getting big when, resteemed.

Thank you for information @therealwolf. I'm new here and I've found this very useful! It' very kind of you to share your knowledge! :)

Reported, lets see if it helps

I just went in the app store and reported it

good to know, thank's
my resteem make's not much sens but 50 users more is better than nothing

@therealwolf, I appreciate you so much. You are a such sensitive person... Our keys are so important in this system.

Thank you so much for the awesome information. :-)

Upvote and resteemed!!!5c8a8caa4b13e9f789a2d5687a3cd20d (1).jpg

The eagle always watching. :)

Great post best of luck

Thank you very much for informing us.

Usefull information, many application right now made to robery sbd from steemians, this is crime. I hope who have power or stakeholdee could remove from google play store this phising app. Let me resteem your post for information to my friends. Thank you @therealwolf

Thank you for your kind of information @ LevelWallVol. Save this information to our community

thanks for sharing about scammers. atleast some of us can wake up to prepare against scammers now

Gracias por el dato. Me gustaría saber si me permites tomar tu post, traducirlo y publicarlo dejando referencia al post original que es éste claro.

Great catch good sir, thank you so much for this post @therealwolf, re-steeming as well to help spread the warning!!! Again, great job brother. ;)

Reported, my pleasure to eliminating threats like that. Thanks for the info.

There are tons of steemit related fake apps on Google play.

That's a good one.

Thanks for the very useful information warning a few days ago I could see this app in the store you have to report this kind of scams

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thank you @therealwolf you have saved a lot of community everywhere. I really like your attitude and hope everyone can follow your attitude.

Thanks for your excellent information

That's a really vital info you just shared.. I will resteem immediately.. Thank you.

I have used bsteem , steemia and esteem. Atleast am sure of esteem though it has some minor bugs but i have used it since last year.
Steemia and bsteem i installed them after i read their reviews on trending page on steemit, am not sure if they are safe. But so far i got no problem.
I think it's always good for such apps to use steemconnect for logins
Every app should.


You can try our android app @supersteemian and read the Our Privacy Policy

We never store any keys. It's only in your phone.


Steemia is so secured since the only owner of you key when your login is yourself :D We do not store any of your information nor is sent to our server. You can always check the source code of Steemia at https://github.com/Steemia/Steemia and inspect everything to make sure that you are safe using our app :D.

By the way, thanks for using our app 😎we are looking forward to release our new update based on the community suggestions and new features were added as well :D

There are many people out who''s just waiting to scam others. Too many apps these days coming up for steemit. User need to watch out and be vigilant. Thanks for this

Best Protection: NEVER log-in to websites, that want your steemit-password ;-)

Quite simple imao

I was browsing through also and wanted to get it installed. But this is really a God sent messenger. Thanx for the warning sir. It's worthy to ne shared.

One of the reason IOS is better than Android, no much review made on the app before it released to Android store, the apps store is filled with so many apps be it fake or real and one could easily fall prey to this scam, thanks for sharing.

Much appreciated


Once there was fake MEW app that went through apple review process.


Well I guess we all humans and mistakes can be made sometimes even machine accuracy not a 100%

thanks for the warning

Tanks for this vital information @therealwolf

Reported the App and resteemed Post, thanks for the warning @therealwolf

WOW... this not good :((

thank you for this helpful information🙏

Thanks for this warning. Its too good to be true.

Thank you very much to share this news.

Thanks for the headsup!

I've reported it and voted up the review that says it's fake. I cannot seem to add my own review, but maybe you have to install it first and I don't want to do that.

Good post, amazing

lets bring in the Steemit Pitchforks!

upvoted & followed - thank you!

I replied to your scam message yesterday about BEN - I have also been scammed !35 Australian Dollars paid in BTC that I sent him for his sister who has cancer to have an operation. I am messaging you here because you haven't replied to my message yesterday. All the best , David

thanks for the information I will share this important post for my steemians friends

Oppsss! I just about to donwload this app tonight.! Thank you so much for helping...!
I am share your post right now...

Thank you for warning us. I appreciate. Cheers

Thanks for posting this. I actually downloaded that app the other day. I havn't actually tried it or logged in but I did download it and was meaning to take a look within a few days.

I'm normally very hesitant to use third party apps, however I saw steemit inc and figured must be okay

thanks for your warning

oka I report this

Thanks. I just uninstall it. I installed it but it has refused to open. Total waste it is.

Congratulations @therealwolf!
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Great information.
I appreciate your valuable information Share.

@resteemit done

Thanks a lot for warning us. Nice post!

Thanks for keeping us informed. Resteemed.

With a million active Steemit users comes a lot of scammers, we need a thread to expose these cons!

Thanks for the heads up man because i was looking on that app today as i am new to the steemit community

Are there any good steemit apps on the phone ?plz tell me!


eSteem. It's a little bit laggy, but still good!


I'm using esteem and prtiko . But they are just not so smooth and responsive

You are.really doing your best duty as a good responsible witness I hope all work same like you are doing to protect steemit and the steemians.appreciated man keep hard work
All the best.

Thank you for providing this public service!

What’s the deal with @leewilliamson? He left a comment in my last post saying you scammed money from abused children or something. Your account looks way more legit tho? So I’m guessing someone just doesn’t like you?


That guy is a crazy person who isn't able to accept that he received what he paid for, but doesn't understand the math behind it and thus thinks he got scammed. Most people would be reasonable and accept when they were wrong. But that person .. he rather starsts a script for multiple accounts and spams under every post.

By the way - that's the "charity-post":


Thank you so much for this @therealwolf. Scary indeed. Resteemed to spread the words.

When I first heard about Steemit, I actually wanted to download an app like this

Very good! Thank you for catching this fake in time, you've saved us from a lot of grief.

Thanks for share this information . Upvote and resteemed it thanks @therealwolf

why cant these people just stop!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!


why would they? its free and easy money for them.


Exactly. Especially in crypto-world, but legit work will always be more profitable.

  ·  3년 전

the good will lead to good for the future and the evil will lead to the ugliness of the future that is related to the karma of life. I like your attitude @therealwolf


it is so sad!!! they are selfish and karma would visit them all!!!!!

Thank you @therealwolf for your kind information😚. this information save our community.👍👍

That's Great!


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thank you very much for the information, probably save me from a scam.

I also received the same message from the same person

thanks man for the post very helpful! gonna resteem it!

  ·  3년 전

I also received some comments on my posts which had very low reputation which were trying to redirect me to some unknown links. This is not a new trick. Many scammers plays this trick.
I think the best thing is to check any link before opening it. For this one just need to hover the mouse cursor over the link and see the web address in the address bar at the bottom left corner of the browser. It will reveal the web address. If the link doesn't pertain to proper steemit or any steem api, then never click it. Also, if the website or link is not starting with https: then it may not be safe to open that link.
I think such users who send such malicious links to anyone, should be flagged so that their post may not remain visible.
You did a nice job by alerting the users against those maliciously intended comments etc.

Leider immer noch Online.

This is bad, thanks alot @therealwolf for notifying us.

I wonder why peeps still feel the need to rip this system were opportunity to make money is given for free.

GREED is the answer I guess.
What a shame

Thanks for the update, I find it valuable and informative. You have saved lot of account with this piece.

thanks for this informative post

Thanks for this useful information , keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @therealwolf

Thanks for good guidance of steemian.🗽

This very good information to keep my account secure.

Awesome post! didn't know about that app! I made this image with the 3D steemit logo so you can use it in your cryptocurrency posts! here's the link to my post . images are clean and completely free! just make sure to upvote! have a nice one!

Your post 2.jpg

thank you !

Thank you for warning us. It's a good thing I haven't tried any Steemit apps yet on my phone, and I prefer browsing here on my computer. Will warn my friends about this.

@therealwolf thanks for the valuable information, I resteemed it yesterday. I know i was cutting it close on the resteem due to its age. What is a good rule of thumb on resteeming, what would be the cut off age of a post here on Steemit! I am a newbie learning the ropes and find posts like this very useful. So yes, again, thanks for the share!

Thanks for this good info there has help

Ive been into phishing, all of my hard works to gain my repo and my sbd, was gone in just a simple click of a wrong link.. Thank you this is to raise awareness for us be safe than sorry.

Thank you very much @therealwolf , I am happy that you find and talk about these types of scams. I can imagine a lot of people are looking for a good Android app for steemit.Thank u so much again bro

Oh wow. Thanks for the info...

I've been using an app called eSteem....i'm now wondering if that is a legit app?

Thanks for warning

Goodness gracious! Thank you for shining a light on all these scams!!!

Very very good post..thank u so much...important nd valuable

I will report the app.
Thank you