JPEG File Format

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JPEG File Format

What is JPEG?

JPEG, which is pronounced as "JAY-peg" is an acronym that denotes Joint Photographic Experts Group. The main aim of its occurrence was to establish the greatest algorithm for image compression. JPEG is frequently used by digital cameras, mobile phones, to save a photo for its compatibility to over 16.0million colors. The file can be used on diverse platforms such as PC and Mac, image editor and Web browsers.
JPEG uses a regulated image compression technique, and JPEG is regularly used for saving and sending picture files on the world wide web. JPEG is constructed for compressing either full-color or grayscale digital images of real-time scenes. It works perfectly on photo shots, representational artwork. However, it doesn’t work faultlessly on lettering, simple cartoons, a black-and-white line drawing.
JPEG deals with only still images, though there is a connected standard called MPEG for motion pictures. JPEG is "lossy," which means the image you get out of decompression won't look similar to the one you originally put in, hence they will be a slight difference. The algorithm obtains its compression by taking advantage of the limitation in the human eye, especially the fact that human eyes can't notice small color details and details of light and dark.
Downsampling can be done on JPEG in the ratios of 4:4:4; 4:2:2 which is carried out by a factor of 2 in a horizontal direction and 4:2:0 carried out by a factor of 2 in both horizontal and vertical directions.

File Extension

JPG is a renowned file format on all platforms. The file extensions of this format are JPEG, JFIF, JPG or JPE.


The quality of the picture is high with little degree of compression.
It is very suitable for full-color realistic Images with so much color and contrast conversion
It has a small size file
The format is compatible; it displays perfectly on any browser, graphics programs, computers, laptops, tablets mobile phones.
It has a regulated level of compression. The users easily select the ratio of quality or file size


Subsequent compressing of the image diminishes its quality
It is not suitable using it to work with text or monochrome graphics that have clear boundaries
The format is not compatible with transparency, and in case of drawing templates, and logos

How is JPEG used?


JPEG is regularly used for the movement and storage of complete color images which have realistic elements, color transitions, and brightness. This format stores and can be used to send graphical digital content such as photos, scanned copies of digitized pictures.
It is very convenient for sending of compressed images on the Internet, as a result of it takes and occupy less space compared to other formats. However, JPEG is suitable for, photo sending through the Internet or posting on a site.


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