Photo of the Day: John Lenon Wall

4년 전

Just got back from Prague. Every time I visit this city I have the same warm feelings. It is fascinating and beautiful city! Every day you find something new, cool and interesting. I am a big fan of their cuisine, mainly because it is served in big portions, it is heavy, tasty and comes perfectly with a beer. And since I adore beer, Prague is like a heaven for me :)
Enough about food, here is something interesting I would like to share with you - John Lennon wall. Basically it is a wall where you can find a lot of drawings and graffiti related to John Lennon and his philosophy in general. You can draw something yourself and that makes this place very unique, every year you can witness how it changes bit by bit :) So if you ever plan to visit Prague, don't be lazy and visit this magical place. You won't regret, trust me.

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John Lennon😍

I was carried away with the read of food especially being served heavily. I love food though. For the drawing, really I can't draw but wish I could visit Prague to see things myself

Amazing information thank you very much ,if you want Upvote my post ,only reason to upvote my post is because I'm student From Kosovo !

That was a good information. The wall looks really very beautiful.