Raising baby Macaws ... behind the scenes

2년 전


We weigh babies every day to insure good growth.


Fruit and vegetables for older babies to play with and nibble on as they learn to eat solid foods.


A fun big toy for older babies to play with.


Baby macaws about 6 weeks old staying snuggly warm in the brooder.


Photos by Tina Stiles

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What cuties, do they make a good pet?


Thanks, they are really fun pets.

COOL tnx for the sharing upvote me if you can plz



Wow! How much work would you say is involved in raising macaws?


Definitely a hand full. But totally worth it for the right people.


Thanks and good wishes....

love love love, following you for sure!


Thanks for your support...


My pleasure, This is my boy Romeo))


What a handsome bird. He looks really playful... Thanks for sharing


He loves to play :)

A lot of work hand rearing birds, delightful to watch them growing @kamimorrow thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your support... Good wishes

So darn cute. I always thought birds were cuter than puppies.


Thanks, your to funny


Thanks and good wishes...

Look at those green feathers on him, what color will they be.


Oh a very beautiful blue, green and gold


Thanks and kind wishes


Thanks for your support

Hey this is some jurassic looking birds, I like it.


You are so right... lol

Nice post, upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks for your support.... God bless

Very cute. I love that fancy climbing toy perch thingy.....

Good luck :)


Thanks and kind wishes

What fabulous images @kamimorrow I absolutely love macaws and one of my first blogs is about macaws. (I'm very new to Steemit) It is entitled "Establishing the Pecking Order" if you'd like to read it. I hope to see more of your beautiful birds as they grow and develop.


Thanks how fun... I will

Aren't they conure?


These big guys are Macaws, they do look very similar, especially when they are featherless like this ☺

It is so awesome to think that baby birds are not that cute but transforms to really gorgeous looking adult birds...


That's so true...

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