Photo: Ghost Town Behind the Fog in Japan

4년 전

Hachimantai - A mining town in Japan has long been abandoned by its inhabitants. Often covered in fog, the dead city Matsuo Mine creeps!

Matsuo Mountains in Iwate, Japan was once rich with mines, so in 1914 the local government established a small town called Matsuo Mine for miners.

The facilities available at Matsuo Mine are very complete. There are 11 apartments as residences, schools, hospitals, parks, and sports arenas such as basketball courts.

Unfortunately, Matsuo Mine was finally abandoned by its inhabitants in 1969 after mining companies were out of business for no apparent reason.

Inevitably, when the inhabitants of Matsuo Mine left his city. The buildings there are abandoned and still dormant until now.

As time passes, Matsuo Mine is known as the creepy dead city! Not without cause, Matsuo Mine apparently quite often shrouded in white mist every time.

When the mist is covering his city, the atmosphere will be dark and it is already late afternoon. Although, at that time you came in broad daylight.

The gripping atmosphere and humid air can make the heart beat fast. A lot of broken glass and rotting woods in the apartment are scattered just like that.

Although you can hunt for cool photographs, but guaranteed not to feel at home in the building.

Moist, always shrouded in mist and filled with abandoned buildings make Matsuo Mine only accessible for tourists who have the guts.

In fact, some world sites such as 1,001 Haunted Places to Visit or Cracked crown Matsuo Mine as a creepy area in Japan. The atmosphere in Matsuo Mine was enough to make the hair go cold.

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