Photo: Unique Building Shaped Picnic Basket

4년 전

Newark - You're not mistaken, buildings in the United States have a shape like a picnic basket. This building also attracted the attention of the traveler.

This is a Longaberger company building that produces handmade picnic baskets. But now the building is no longer used, and has been sold to other companies.

This mainstream anti-building is located in Newark City...

The building was founded in 1997. The design of this basket-like building is Dave Longaberger's dream, the descendants of the founder of the Longaberger company...
For Dave Longaberger, having a building that represents a basket made by his family is a great achievement...
The building consists of 7 floors.
Usually a traveler who passes around the building was stopped for a moment to take pictures in front of him.

Longaberger building silhouette

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