Update & Random Picture Megapost

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Sorry I haven't been around that much. I still care about Steem and my followers. Not much time for any art lately, but here are some photos taken while cleaning up the yard.

Metallic Insect Dude

The cold temps slowed down my armor-clad homey, but it was still fast enough to make photography a bit of a challenge. If you zoom in, you may notice its right eye has been dented in :(

In a hurry to go nowheres

You can see the dented in eye a bit more clearly. Anyway, this cool bug was in a big hurry to get home to his wife and larvae... or to get away from me...

Welcome to my father's work shop

As I made my way around doing yard work, I approached the following scenes with a heavy heart. My father isn't doing well - and as I look back, I see how ruthlessly time has swept by.

Some kind of home-made stove?

Or moonshine still?
Can YOU spot the photo bomb? Keep scrolling!

True story.

This thing don't make no sense!

Well, I don't expect ANYTHING to make sense lately... Especially around here...

Mosquito breeding pool & old timey snow plow

Malaria meets the barnyard!


The remains of a weathervane... an absent metal horse used to constantly report on the wind's direction. Time, rust and heavy winds upset Mr. Horse’s livelihood, and that really sucks.

Ghosts of play time

It's an old swing set! The wood wasn't treated with any weather-proofing, so it didn't stand a chance against moisture, insects and the elements. Note how thickets and brush has overwhelmed the scene. The whole woods I grew up in is under the same affliction. No more walking paths, wild berries or flowered clearings. The weeds have taken over... such is life... XD

Thank you for visiting!

Really unsure when I'll post next. Thanks for understanding.

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Cool peek around your old stompin' grounds! I hope things start going better with your Father :( Sending hugs!

I said it before and I will say it again. It is awesome to hear from you and we will be here eagerly waiting the next time you surface.

Take the gifts from this transition period my friend.

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Thanks always for the kind sentiments - and for being patient as I hardly even reply lately... Hoping to get refocused now that I'm back in my home state... Really hoping for a bit of a personal renaissance... without the tight pants, frills and lavish feathered hats, of course!

Thanks for sharing. If you don't post again soon I'm gonna assume you contracted malaria


Or you're taking a nap. Basically the same theory.


Wait, I thought that was the tsetse fly...

Hey man, been a while, good to see you again.


Thanks, last week I returned from a 2+ month trip over 1000 miles north... Really looking forward to getting back to normal asap... you know... kind of a rebuilding and growth phase!!!

Good to see you post again. Some of those pictures remind me of our place. We have various old wheelbarrows and other stuff around the garden.


Being back in my hometown has revived my focus, so hopefully I'll be around a lot more.

It was kind of surreal for me to see how dramatically the yard and woods have changed... the woods in particular... used to be so bright and friendly, with clear walking trails... now it's all under brush and some dying pines :O