Collecting Textures for 3d

25일 전

Part of my full time job involved 3d modeling and rendering. Thus I often find myself taking pictures of interesting material textures to potentially use in projects someday.

Once you get a fairly flat picture of a cool texture it is fairly easy to create a seamless pattern in photoshop. This diamondplate can be used as a bump map or a color map for a realistic metal material.

Blocks are a favorite texture to collect. I ended up using this for an outdoor rendering once when I was designing some building landscaping.

Here in Illinois there are plenty of sandstone textures like this. Prairie style architecture is common around here and this type of stone is a common accent used in that style. A large randomized patch of stone can be built out of this image.

This paver stone has an interesting pattern so I had to add it to my texture collection. So far I haven't found a use for it in any of my projects as I mostly design interior scenes.

Here's a gravel concrete slab. Textures like these are easy to tile since there are no intricate seams.

More concrete. You can never have enough different types of concrete textures :-).

More blocks. I wonder how the drastic lighting will interact with a 3d scene. Lighting might need to be matched accordingly for realism.

Grass is a common texture I use all the time especially for interior scenes looking out a window.

Another useful landscaping texture.

Any kind of flat wood plank or board texture is often useful. I could cut this one up into a wood floor pattern or maybe use it as a bump texture if i turn it grayscale.

A classic red brick texture. I used this a few times in projects since I often have to remodel an existing space with older materials like this.

An asphalt texture, very useful as well.

For environment maps I often take generic distant horizon shots then map them to a sphereical environment. This way if you have a model with a window in it you'll see an outside landscape.

Next time I'll have to post some example renderings and what can be done with these textures.

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I remember collecting textures a hundred million years ago, it was so much easier when I had a friend visiting who did pretty much the same thing but more exasperating for my partner and my sister who don't do 3d so were just kind of loafing around waiting for us XD

Do you use the photos for realistic textures or are they references for making things? Little bit of both?


I mostly use them for actual projects. Typical nicely lit textures get photographed by me lol. Manybof the stock bought textures look too generic so I like to use real world textures as much as I can.

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Just wanted to say that we call the first photo checker plate. I once complimented a texture and didn't realize I was speaking with a graphic artist who promptly e-mailed it to me, assuming I wanted it.


Haha you want a nice red brick texture? Lol we graphic designers like emailing textures to everyone.

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I have lots of red brick, thank you, and it's much nicer than the oatmeal fabric I received. lol


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And functional lol

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