Smoke and Ash from the forest fires in BC... My artistic response...

3년 전


Every morning I break out the Swiffer duster to try to keep my high-tech golf lab clean. Unfortunately, the many forest fires in BC are thwarting my efforts rather effectively. The photo is of a small computer desk with one of several monitors I have around my lab to display launch monitor, video and 3D golf data. As you can see, the formerly black surfaces have been covered with a fine layer of ash... again!!!

To display my artistic feelings on the whole situation with the current terrible air quality, I used my highly honed skills to draw the picture you see here. ; )

A bunch of rain sure would be a good thing right about now.

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You are getting much worse ash than we are. We just cannot breath. I have the house closed up and air filters in most rooms and still smell the smoke. I am starting to cough like when I smoke cigarettes. Bad stuff.


It is pretty tough stuff. I was just talking to a guy here at the driving range and he had to go home when hitting balls in the thick, ash-filled air became a little too much for him. He has breathing problems constantly, so today was too much for him. On the bright side, looking at the weather forecast it appears we'll get at least a little rain in the coming 3 days. Hopefully it will help. I don't want to teach golf lessons wearing a gas mask. ; )

I'm in IL the lighting has been weird kinda hazy weatherman says it's from the ash in the atmosphere kinda crazy it makes it that far just goes to show just how small our world is


Wow. If you're getting hit with ash from the West Coast fires over 3500 km away, then I sure hope that Kim Jong Un doesn't start lobbing around his nuclear-sized firecrackers or I'll be having a whole different kind of plutonium-ash to Swiffer away. : o


Its not like we gotta wipe anything down just more overcast look with a weird greenish is the best way I can describe it tint but yeah if it's true and the weatherman isn't full of it then what you say about Kim is scary


Well, hopefully Mr. Kim will behave himself and I'll only have to wipe away burnt wood ash rather than something, ummm... a little worse.

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