PhotoBomb Challenge #40

3년 전

Hello dear PhotoBombers!

Welcome back to a new PhotoBomb week dear friends!

Let's announce the winners of the PhotoBomb #39!


First place and the winner of 10$: @rachelcreative

Second place and the winner of 6$: @stanestyle

Third place and the winner of 3$: @onefatindian

Fourth place and the winner of 2$: @zafiro.rosa

Fifth place and the winner of 2$: @artofwisdom

Congratulations to all the winners!!


Judge for PhotoBomb Challenge #40 will be @aneninen

For this time you need to make photo bomb with this photo:


The most creative and funny PhotoBomb this week will be awarded with $10!

Winner - 10 $

Second place - 6 $

Third place - 3 $

Honorable mentions - 2 $


For this contest a photobomb is considered a valid entry when you use the provided image and insert it into a picture of your choice to make it look funny.

- Title of every entry must contain "PhotoBomb challenge # - Entry #"
- End of challenge will be on Tuesday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
- First tag of post must be #photobombchallenge
- Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
- Announcement of winners will be on Thursday

How to support challenge?

- Vote on this post
- Resteem this post
- Create at least one entry
- If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
- If you have an picture for next meme challenge post it in reply of this post or contact me

Good luck everyone!

Support #photobombchallenge with your upvote!

Payout of PhotoBomb posts are filling photobombchallenge reward pool!

Greetings from @fibra59

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Hey @fibra59 and @gymbuddy,

Thanks for selecting my entry for a winning prize! As usual, I had a lot of fun creating the image and am happy it made you smile/laugh 😃

Congrats to all the winner!

Time to get on this next one - I LOVE CHICKEN! lol


No problem @onefatindian and congrats again!
Keep up the great work :)


Hehe, great first entry @dksart!
Thank you for your all time support!
Good luck and all the best :))

📷💣 Here are my 3 Entries and contest post link @fibra59 & @aneninen , all ready upped and resteemed!😂🐓🐣
ENTRY #1: WTF!?!?

#2 Chicks On A Chicken Leg Raft!

#3 Leg Is Out Of This World!


Thank you very much @karenmckersie for support!!
I'm so happy about that you like this challenge! :)))
All the best and good luck :D


Your welcome 😊👍✌️

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hello this is my #2 entry


have fun everybody and good luck! is my first entry:



-edga NOWARGraffitis


Hehe, nice one @nowargraffitis !
Thank you and good luck :)

Well folks. Over here my first ever entry on this prestigious and long-lived #photobomb challenge/contest.

Lethal Lust

«-¡Watchout! Erotic TL|DR ahead-»

Enjoy!! };)


Haha, funny one :D
Thanks @por500bolos, great entry, good luck :))


i like this hahahahahahahaha


Thank you @gade4rt. I really celebrate and enjoy your explosive laughter. But I guess you'll have to click on the image and actually read para verdaderamente cagarte de la risa. };) 👍


@cryplectibles, thank you for your entry!
It's great! :D
Good luck ;)


Great one again @nowargraffitis!
Thank you for your participation in this challenge!!
Al the best! :))


Great entry one more time @stanestyle!!
Thank you again and good luck :))


Thank you!


Hehe, Mr. Trump looks hungry :D
Thanks @stanestyle !
Good luck and keep up the great work! :))

So many damn funny entries on this chicken one. Here is my third and last entry, the new superhero movie coming out Chicken Marvel:

Based on the comic book if you never read it


Once again, @stanestyle , great entry!!
Thank you for your participation! :))


haha, great use of multiple legs in the pic and just pic itself.


@artofwisdom, great entry!
Good luck and have fun! :))

Congratulations to the winners, good luck with the chicken thigh now!


To the winners, good luck with
The chicken thigh now!

                 - disguarpe

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hehe, chicken leg attack :D
Thank you @theferro! Great one, good luck :)


Cool! Very funny!


Haha, nice one @littlexiannv!
Thank you for this entry, it's great!
Good luck and keep up the grat work :)

This is my second entry for this week's PhotoBomb Challenge

YEY! I am super excited to have won, congratulations to the other winners.


Congrat s again @stanestyle!
Keep up the great work :)


Hahaha, awesome entry @gade4rt!!
Thank you and good luck :))



Thank you for the award, congratulations to the other winners, your tickets were very good!

Congrats to all the winners! upped and resteemed, I will be entering soon!💕💁

Hello, my 2nd entry.

thank you...


hahahaah cool!


thank you for appreciating my work, also you have done an excellent job.


Thanks a lot :)

Here is my 3 entry.


Good luck...

mi # 1 presentación.
dinnosaurio y pollo.jpg


To eat or not to eat, that is the questeion :D
Thank you @artofwisdom!
Great entry :))


The competition is really good and I want to participate in it too.

Excelente post muy bonitos, te felicito @fibra59


Here is my entry -

First time i take on the photobomb challenge lol

This is my first entry for this week's PhotoBomb Challenge

congratulations to all who participated, especially the winners
@ fibra59 thank you very much for sponsoring this fun slogan
I wish you a great day


Thank you too @jlufer!
Have a great day too :)

Hiii! my second entry XD
chavo pollito.jpg