Photochallenge - SunThursday - Sunrise in progress!

2년 전

This sunrise was photographed on Glenmore Beach, Hibiscus Coast, South Africa on 4 July 2018 with a Samsung GalaxyS6


The first boat is launching.

The sun is a bit more up, and the fishermen start coming.


The start of another marvellous day on the East Coast of South Africa.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


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So beautiful! I love the reflections in the waves!


I agree, thank you for commenting!

First two pictures are just magical to watch and it creating an great effect and genuinely it's reflecting as bird of sun is flying while touching the water. Beautiful view and for sure this view can heal us.

And in my opinion you get this opportunity everyday to explore this kind of beauty so it's great in my opinion. Whenever we feel depressed then we can explore these kind of places so that we can get the peaceful essence.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


@chireerocks, sorry that I am not so quick to respond to comments this last two weeks. Thank you for your meaningful comment.


No problem and welcome. 🙂

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As always great work! Im glad to see you around ;) top5


Thank you @lizanomadsoul. This was a surprise, thank you for your support!


Lovely photography straight into the sun rising. Early risers the fishermen, trust you know someone going out, bringing in fresh catch for the day @hope777