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birds of prey are birds foraging by hunting ie by flying by their sharp senses, especially vision, they are defined as birds primarily hunting for vertebrate animals, as well as other birds like in the photo above. Their claws and beaks tend to be relatively strong and adaptable to tearing flesh, In most cases females are larger than males.


the bird that I put this kind of bird king prawns, here's a little explanation of this bird of prey:
Shrimp King birds have a greenish-blue feather color that makes this bird look very fascinating When the bird Shrimp neck is swooping on the flow of water it will look greenish shade of the fur, Not only the beautiful color, Tengkek Shrimp also has a good voice to be used as a master bird.

Shrimp These sharks include clever hunters This is caused from the place perch, birds pricking shrimp king can be patient in waiting for food, This proved if this bird is very agile.
Not only that shark Tengkek shrimp is also we can see if there are fish that appear on the surface of the water So from this bird King Shrimp will be shot using a high speed. Then swooped into the water to grab the fish, this Prickly Shrimp Bird is like an arrow, Very careful in capturing prey so precisely.

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Fantastic, amazing photography

very good photo