California Sunsets #138 ~ Goldenhour

5개월 전

"My soul is an empty carousel at sunset."
~ Pablo Neruda ~

Photos of Ocean Park Beach
taken on July 19 from Santa Monica, California


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Amazing shot! I like your sunser's photos)

Heaven's Gate! Amazing.


Thank you my brotha... it was like the heavens opening up... so surreal.


Last night was amazing as well, you should post it if you have time... with the humidity shit at these levels the sunsets have been sick!

That is very cool to view @armentor I like the heaviness of the clouds and the shine of the sun in the background :D


Thank you my friend... yes just like the heavens!

Congratulations @armentor! This post was chosen to be featured in this weeks SoCal Spotlight!!
Thank you so much for being part of the #socalsteemit community.


Thank you for your curation support!


Congrats armentor!

The white at the top left are cloud bits?

Golden hour made so special the clouds forming the best scene you captured it beautifully


Thank you :)

very nice photography and very nice place