Tree Tuesday ~ California Sunsets #140

4개월 전

Here is my entries for #treetuesday
hosted by the one and only @old-guy-photos.

Palm #treetuesday photos from
July 24th - July 27 from different parts of Santa Monica.
A month late, but Summer has finally arrived.

Wednesday July 24th


Thursday July 25th
TTJuly 25.jpg

Friday July 26th

Saturday July 27th

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I do like the contrasting colors plus the silhouette of the Palm trees @armentor, very good to look at :D


Thank you my friend. Glad you appreciate the silhouettes!

Dude, awesome compilation of your fckn palm tree pictures :). The first one is sick! Is that last one when you were at the Proper Hotel rooftop bar?


The Proper Hotel was amazing and yes that was from the roof top. You must join us next time, maybe this weekend.


I'v heard great things about the Proper. Don't the owner live down the street from you? Lets hit it up friday?

I love the ones in the second pic that are like two stages of palm trees. IOW the trong is so big, then slims down. Very cool.

Great photography and very nice place my dear friend

Stunnnnnning !!!

Perfection and vivid so nice :D


Yes, it was quite vivid... thank you :)