Hydrofoil Kiteboarding

4개월 전

Took an early bike ride up the coast and saw this Hydrofoiler
These things are much faster than Windsurfing or Kitesurfing
as the board is above the water, thus less drag.

Photos were taken from Pacific Palisades
on July 31st.



Click image to view full size.

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It really look a fun kind of recreation activity on water @armentor


Thank you my friend!

I always wanted to do that. I'v done wind surfing on a little lake, which is like pee wee, but this is major leagues. However fast was he moving?


Thank you my brotha... These things literally fly... its similar to what Hamilton uses for the big wave surfing.


We have to rent those things out, but maybe on a lake or bay and not the Pacific Ocean!!!


We do, however, given my brain damage, I don't know if its the best endeavor for me!!!

Yeah they really get going on the windy days. It is incredible!


It was really cool.

What great shots I have heard of these but I do not think I have ever seen one in action


We just started to see them out here this year... usually was just windsurfing, but these things are quicker.


I will have to keep an eye out for them here

That would be an adventure! Great photos!

Great and very nice photography my dear friend


Thank you.

A must try once atleast hahah anyways beautiful shot there

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Congrats Armentor!