Muted colors...

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There are perfect hours of the day to make incredible photos where the colors come out very bright. The midday is an hour where the opposite happens, the colors are neutralized with so much light and generates this tone of muted colors that gives an effect that I like a lot too.

"Photography is the only lenguage that can be understood anywhere in the world ” -Bruno Barbey-



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Ravishing photography, stunning view, great timing, perfect amount of light reflecting makes it more engaging. The scenery really touches the heart and give pleasure to the eyes.

The dancing waves of the ocean with the rocks, the playing sand with the wind and the beguiling colour of the sky looks tremendously awesome, mind blowing and gratifying.

The proper focus, adjustment and understanding the point is the key of photography and you have fulfilled all the requirements and brought out astonishing result with full of perfection. Thanks for sharing and caring. Keep up the good work.


thank you so much for your words, read your comment gives me more energy to keep showing these beautiful places.

I really love these vanilla photos!


These photos also have their charm :) These colors give a sense of tranquility.


completely agree

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