Photocircle Top 10 Contributors 72nd edition: "Magical Hour"

2년 전

Hello Contributors!

Welcome to the 72nd edition of the Photocircle Top 10 Contributors for the category ”Magical Hour”, a contest that feature ten (10) outstanding photographers that contributed their photos to the #photocircle tag.

Golden hour or magic hour is a period in a day in which the color of the sunlight is warmer and it produce soft shadows due to the shallow angle of the natural light.

To begin, let me invite everyone to welcome the Top 10 Contributors for today!

balancing at sunrise.jpeg

Please visit the post entitled "Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them." by @still-observer



Please visit the post entitled "Sunday photo challenge - goldenhourphotography" by @anzirpasai


Please visit the post entitled "Down South Italy" by @floknab


Please visit the post entitled "Burning Skies - MyPictureDay" by @vtravels


Please visit the post entitled "Goldenhourphotography - Landscape Afternoon at Lhokseumawe Reservoir" by @dayatsiaulia


Please visit the post entitled "Silhouette of a Little Girl at Golden Hour" by @zikmaulana


Please visit the post entitled "California Sunsets #42 ~ Golden Hour Contest" by @armentor


Please visit the post entitled "MyPictureDay Submission | Lampulo Fishing Port at sunrise" by @ejhaasteem


Please visit the post entitled "Golden Hour Down the Beach - By Steve J Huggett" by @stevejhuggett


Please visit the post entitled "The Tower" by @photovitamin


That sums up the Photocircle Top 10 Contributors 72nd edition for the category ”Magical Hour”. To reiterate, I encourage everyone to visit the posts of the featured authors and show them your support.

Learn about the latest update on the Photocircle rewards by reading this post Photocircle Project Update: "Top 10 Contributors reward revamp!"

On each category, the reward pool will be raised from 2sbd to 5sbd!

  • Top 1 image will be rewarded with 2sbd!
  • Top 9 images will be rewarded with an equal share to the remaining 3sbd, each of the top 9 contributors will be receiving an amount of 0.33sbd!

Each author that is featured on this post will be garnering one (1) Photocircle Top 10 Badge, all accumulated badges will be counted on the 23rd of June 2018 (Saturday) and the author with the most Top 10 badges will win the first (1st) Photocircle Hall of Fame Badge!

Stay tuned for the next edition!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

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All amazing photos, more people to follow :D
Thanks for the feature too @photocircle!

Congrats everyone, well done! I look forward to seeing more!

Great shots! I feel that the quality of photocircles curation is always improving. It’s good to see the community grow 👏

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Great photos. Very good choice.
Congratulations to the authors.
My favorite: @zikmaulana.
Best wishes.

Congratulations to all winners! Great selection!